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Campus Style: Pretty in Plaid

With Halloween just around the corner, black is back and the “witchy woman” look is more popular than ever. Who better to represent this fabulous, seasonal trend than Sabrina herself (Alvarez, that is — not Spellman)?

Rocking dramatically red lips and a wickedly cool choker, Sabrina Alvarez is our very own style and makeup crush of the week. Besides having a penchant for Elf cosmetics and the singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, she’s a fashion risk-taker with a natural knack for balancing low and high-end brands. Keep reading to see how you can emulate her rad look this Fall!

Name: Sabrina Alvarez

Age: 19

Year: Transfer junior

Major: English


Her Campus: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Sabrina Alvarez: “This shirt is actually from Forever 21. It’s a low-cut top that’s kind of a crop top but not really. The pants are from Garage, which I got in Miami. These shoes are from Zara — they’re my sister’s, actually, and I just stole them from her! And the choker is from Forever 21’s accessory section.”


HC: What are your favorite stores or boutiques?

SA: “I really like Forever 21 because they have a lot of variety and it’s pretty cheap. But I love Anthropology: if I could shop there always, I would and that would be it. Urban Outfitters is a little troubling in their practices, but their stuff is cute so it’s kind of a problematic fave. I really like Zara too and Brandy Melville.”


HC: What’s your most-loved wardrobe piece at the moment?

SA: “I just bought this really cute dress that looks kind of like what Sabrina the Teenage Witch would wear. Long-sleeved, goes up to your knee, cropped at the waist… It’s so cool and kind of witchy. I really like it.”


HC: How would you describe your personal style as?

SA: “Ideally, Stevie Nicks is what I want it to be. Kind of semi-edgy but not really.”


HC: Would you say Stevie Nicks is your favorite style icon? Do you have more?

SA: “Yes, for now at least. I also really love Florence Welch: her clothes are so cool. I actually dyed my hair orange at one point to try and look more like her, but it didn’t stick and I had to stop! Usually, my style icon depends on my emotions — I’ll get really obsessed with one singer or band and that’ll be it for a time. At the moment, it’s Stevie Nicks.”


HC: How about your favorite makeup brands?

SA: “I really like Kat Von D stuff right now. It’s actually the lipstick I’m wearing today: the Nosferatu shade. I’m also into MAC foundation and Elf cosmetics. As for tips: if you want to learn how to do a winged eyeliner, invest a lot of time into it!”


HC: Okay, last question of the day! What’s your style advice for Gator gals reading this?

SA: “Dress exactly how you feel. Sometimes, it’s impractical to wear whatever you want, but it’s fun to just try. People tend to stick to a certain outfit because they’re afraid to look weird, but it’s fun to take risks.”


Photo Credit: Anna Burbano


Anna Burbano is a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a B.A. in English. Alongside minoring in Classical Studies, she harbors a (not so secret) passion for fashion magazines and musical theatre. Most of the time, you’ll find Anna daydreaming about the following things: what life would be like as a Disney princess, meeting lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, or any number of dashing Jane Austen heroes (especially Northanger Abbey’s Mr. Tilney). Follow her at www.annaburbano.com!
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