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A couple weeks ago, a girl went viral for wearing a shoelace as a choker. My friend immediately tagged me in the article asking if it was me. I’m a firm believer in not paying for something you can easily make yourself. I’ve seen simple chokers being sold at places such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters for anywhere between $10 to $20. However, with little effort and some supplies from a local craft store, you can make your own for as little as $5.



It’s really that easy. You can buy a yard of string at a craft store for around $3. Tie it in a bow or bolo style, or pick up some cheap charms and make more of a statement. If you can’t find string, this is where a shoelace also works.


Ric Rac

Another take on string, but with a little more interest. Raid your mom’s (or dad’s!) sewing supplies or buy it for cheap at a craft store. The zig zag style is also even more reminiscent of the 90s/2000s. 



Don’t these seem like common sense? I used to love wearing hair ribbons that I’ve now started using as more colorful choker options.



Keep folding a bandana on the diagonal until you’re left with a thin rectangle and simply tie it around your neck. Leave the ends in front for a fun ascot look or leave them in back for a full choker look.


Scrap Fabric

This takes the tiniest bit of sewing skills, but it’s still super easy! Find a fabric you like (check the scraps at craft stores) and cut a strip in the desired width. Pick up some button clasps or Velcro and hand-stitch them to the ends of your strip (make sure to cut the fabric longer than the circumference of your neck to allow for overlap). You can run a simple straight stitch along the edges if you want to keep the edges clean, but the frayed look can also look cool!


Scrap denim

I once made a choker out of the legs of jeans I had cut into shorts. Same directions apply as for fabric (above), but consider using a stronger needle.


Honestly, you can use anything you can tie comfortably around your neck. Get creative!

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