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Camille McDaniel (COM ’19)

A fearless Californian who packed her bags and moved to Boston in order to pursue higher education, Camille McDaniel is an ambitious,...

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Ashley Mountz (SHA ’16)

Ashley Mountz is a 21 year old senior from Youngstown, Ohio, majoring in the School of Hospitality Administration. She loves SHA and wants...

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Emma Howard (ENG ’19)

Meet Emma, an adventurous and brainy cutie from New Jersey who loves singing, playing the guitar, exploring Boston and making people laugh...

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Sarah Zeisler (COM ’17)

If you are looking for a ball of energy, spunk and access to a lifetime supply of Vita Coco, than look no further than this week’s campus...

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Nikki Farrow (CAS ’18)

If you are looking for a girl who is as equally hilarious as she is able to ski down any mountain, then look no further than Nikki Farrow...

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Caroline Statile (COM ‘18)

If you are searching for a girl who loves food just as much as the beach, look no further than this cutie with the luscious locks, Caroline...

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David J. Castillo

If you’re friends with David J. Castillo on Facebook, or follow him on twitter, @DavJCastillo, you have probably seen one of his #...

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Steph Kwok (ENG’ 17)

Here's a coffee lover, an avid traveler, and a fashionable engineer. What's not to like?