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Steph Kwok (ENG’ 17)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Meet Steph Kwok: the über smart and stylish Aussie, who can be seen walking through the BU Campus in her oversized coats and chic sunnies. Steph is a junior studying mechanical engineering and loves to wear her posh attire both in and out of the lab. How could she not be a Campus Cutie? 

This multicultural beauty, who speaks Chinese, was born in Melbourne, but moved to Hong Kong and lived there for seven years before returning to the Land Down Under. Her soft-mannered charm and Aussie accent make her even more attractive. 

Besides having a knack for the sciences, Steph has a passion for fashion. Her laid back yet effortless style embodies what she calls a “minimal effort look” with finesse. When it comes to her fashion choices, the junior traditionally opts for loose-fitting apparel and simple colors and textures. On top of mastering an easygoing persona, she excels at fashion experimentation and individuality.

“I feel like people just need to wear whatever they want, no matter how crazy or weird, and just be confident about it,” Kwok said. 

Although Steph’s biological roots are in China, she says that she identifies more closely with the Australian culture after having lived there for the majority of her life. 

If you want to get to know more about this Cutie, supply the convo with caffeine. 

You might not immediately think of Melbourne as a coffee hub, but it is one of Australia’s major metropolitan cities and prides itself on its superb caffeine scene. To many locals coffee is not merely a commodity, but a way of life. 

“Coffee is an art in Melbourne,” said Kwok. “No drip but espresso. The hierarchy [of drinks] here pretty much goes coffee, alcohol, and then everything else.”

In addition to living in Austrailia, Kwok has set foot in a variety of exotic destinations over the years, including Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. On a recent tour of South America this past summer, she backpacked through Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Living and immersing herself in a variety of foreign cultures, Kwok hopes to continue to explore other parts of the globe, even ones that are closer to home.  

“I would love to see more of China, especially Northwest China in Tibetan and Mongolian areas,” she said. “I grew up thinking Tibet as being such a mysterious place—it’s so interesting that Tibet is part of China, but it’s also so exotic at the same time because of a different cultural, scenic and spiritual [aspect].” 

Here’s a coffee lover, an avid traveler, and a fashionable engineer. What’s not to like? 

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.