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Campus Cutie Bridget Healey (SAR ‘17, SPH ‘18)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

How timely that with the start of fall, this week’s campus cutie appreciates not only the feel of the perfect fall weather, but also looks adorable in all its flannel, apple crispness!

As a North Andover Mass girl, Bridget Healey has always “loved those days where the sun makes everything have a warm golden feeling, the sky is so blue, and the leaves are amazing. It’s the season of foliage, fairs and festivals.. what’s better?!”

Bridget is a junior in the dual degree program through Sargent College, pursuing a degree in Health Science, masters in Public Health and a concentration in Epidemiology. Her studies and lifestyle led her to believe that the key to our health is simple: be engaged in the things you do whether it’s in the community, in your diet, or even your cooking. That is why this past summer this cutie volunteered at the Boston Public Market (BPM), a year round indoor farmers market that opened on July 30th, and was recently offered an internship for this fall. 

“The market is a special place because all the vendors are sourced exclusively from New England with the vast majority being from MA. The BPM supports the community beyond the superficial layer by providing access to cooking classes, fresh food provided by people who are passionate about their products, and a connection to our community,” Bridget says. 

Bridget’s love for the community radiates through her smiling face when she meets someone new. She explained the part she enjoyed most about volunteering was greeting people at the front door during the grand opening.

“I got to watch each person’s reaction as they stepped in for the first time. People were so excited about it finally being open I could not, not smile back. The atmosphere of the market is amazing and I feel so happy being there and I feel like it is making a difference in the community!”

If this pretty, passionate lady doesn’t already sound awesome, just wait.  As much as she appreciates her New England roots, Bridget really hopes to travel outside of her comfort zone in the future. She plans to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland because of its public health program. Going abroad will also give her the chance to travel Europe, which has always been on her bucket list! (Can we come too please?)

What is also on this beauty’s to-do list? Yoga, and lots of it! This avid yogi firmly believes in the power of  “bend so you don’t break.” She credits the practice for keeping her enrolled at BU (thank goodness) but more importantly explains that it is something that lets her separate from her busy life.

“I go just for me because I know that I am a more thoughtful and stronger person, physically and mentally, because of it,” Bridget explains. And we could not agree more! She also enjoys playing volleyball and is currently in the market for a new intramural team. (Any takers?)

When asked what her favorite part about BU is, Bridget explains, “I feel like I am at school but also that this is my life outside of the school as well, in other words, I don’t feel like I’m on vacation or at boarding school. Being in a city I have choices; it keeps me level headed. BU isn’t romanticized, it is a hard university that you get out what you put in, but that makes it real to me!” (Perfect description!)

In guys, Bridget looks for the ones who are self-motivated and passionate about the things they do, as well as interested in what she does. She DOES NOT like people who are apathetic and lazy because then she becomes lazy. This isn’t surprising for a girl that thrives in the outdoors and, if possible, could spend every day of the year on the beach (like she did this summer).  “I also like guys who can answer my random questions!” We feel you Bridget. That’s important!

Samantha is a junior Broadcast Journalism major in the College of Communication at Boston University. She is the celebrity news anchor on Good Morning BU on BUTV 10. The campus Manager for University Tees and the current Vice President of Recruitment for sorority. She firmly believes that not all who wonder are lost, the ability of food to fuel the soul.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.