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Best Workout Hacks

Sick of going to the Plex? Me too. The new Plex is still a ways away and putting off working out until then is probably not the best idea...

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Your New Favorite Workout: Fun & Fit!

Looking for a new fitness class to get ready for the summer months? Look no further than the fitness classes taught by Gemma Santamaria,...

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Post-Workout Protein

Not all protein is created equal. In the process of trying to maintain good health and improve physical strength and fitness, it’s...

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Modern Barre Blues

Inspired by ballet, Pilates, and yoga, Modern Barre classes have become ever more popular among collegiettes looking to get fit. The low...

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Group Fitness V. Solo Workouts

When talking about stereotypes of BC students, one clearly rings true – BC students love to workout. Following the closing of the Plex for...

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20 Thoughts I Have at the Plex

1) Great job, you got yourself to the Plex. Your ID has been swiped, so now whatever system they use knows you were here too. 2) Should I...