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5 Group Fitness Classes to Try at the Plex This Fall

Group fitness classes are one of my favorite ways to stay healthy. They’re fun, they’re effective, and they usually have great music. Luckily for us BC students, the Plex offers dozens of different fitness classes each week. Here are five of my favorite Plex classes that you don’t want to miss this semester:


1. Fitlates with Marissa C., Hilary D., or Alissa P. 


This fun class is BC’s take on Pilates. In the course of an hour, you’ll work your arms, your legs, your abs, and other muscles you had no idea even existed. You don’t want to miss this one!


2. Total Body Sculpt with Caroline V.


This is my absolute favorite class at the Plex. For one hour, you’ll work with weights, resistance bands, and lots of other fun fitness materials. This class is HARD, but in a good way. You’ll leave feeling fit and inspired.


3. Barre Fitness with Marissa C.


This class is a great way to work on your strength and flexibility. It’s also a good way to change up your fitness routine. Plus, Marissa has an awesome playlist to make the hour fly by.

4. Total Body HIIT Express


This is one of the Plex’s new 30-minute classes. There are so many different times and instructors teaching this type of class that you are sure to find one you love. My favorite slot for this class is at 7:45am on Monday mornings with Caroline V. It’s a great way to start your day and your week. Check it out!


5. Spin 45 with Kris T.


This is one of my absolute favorite fitness class at the Plex. Kris’s playlist is sure to get you pumped up and help you push through the incredibly challenging workout. Catch her teaching spin at 4pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Plex.



With so many great classes at the Plex, it’s hard to pick just 5 good ones. I hope all of you head over to the Plex and take advantage of as many of these classes as possible! You can check out the Plex’s fitness class schedule here: http://www.bc.edu/offices/rec/programs/fitness/group.html. See everyone at the Plex!















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