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Modern Barre Blues

Inspired by ballet, Pilates, and yoga, Modern Barre classes have become ever more popular among collegiettes looking to get fit. The low impact, high intensity workouts that focus on technique, flexibility and toning are a great fit for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Modern Barre Fitness Studio opened up about two years ago at 242 Commonwealth Ave. and hasn’t had a problem with its neighbors until this past July. The Barre studio makes a point to adhere to the permits already in place which includes restricting the number of clients they can have, the times of operation, and subsequently the number of classes they offer in a given day. With on average three to four classes being offered on a given day, it’s a surprise that newer neighbors have found fault with the operating hours and “parking issues.” Below are some excerpts from a complaint submitted by a neighbor.

Note, after calling Modern Barre and viewing their class schedule online, it is clear that business operations do not start before 6 am. Their first class of the day has just begun to start as early as 6:15 am, so it makes sense that Modern Barre would have employees preparing the studio to begin the day. Employees who work before or after hours does not constitute as extended business hours or business operation as there are no clients using the studio at those times.

The neighbor also makes a point to call into question the “scantily-clad clientele.” This rather biased and sexist generalization that only women use the studio has opened the doors for other slanderous comments – that men were seen waiting for these “scantily-clad” women outside Modern Barre. Comments like these are damaging to the company, and may lead to others wondering exactly what sort of business is running inside the studio.

Many residents are concerned about the parking situation, as many have claimed to see clients parking on residential side streets, even in people’s driveways, instead of the free street parking on Commonwealth Ave. and the parking lot behind the studio. Parents are concerned about the safety of their children, which of course is a concern for everyone involved, especially as the new school year started. However, the hours of operation as well as the class schedule only point to a few hours in which clients would be parking in the area while there are children around, or traveling to and from school.

A public hearing was held Tuesday, October 20th, where residents, Modern Barre clients, employees, and the public were invited to voice their concerns and come to a consensus on the solutions to the complaints. An update will be made available outlining the hearing as soon as possible.

In the meantime, these complaints shouldn’t stop anyone looking for a great workout in a wonderful environment from attending classes at Modern Barre.


Complaint photos provided by Modern Barre




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