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Group Fitness V. Solo Workouts

When talking about stereotypes of BC students, one clearly rings true – BC students love to workout. Following the closing of the Plex for Juno, the blizzard we all have a love hate relationship with, the Plex was packed. The lines for the treadmills were never ending and you were lucky if could find one dumbbell in the weight you wanted, let alone two. Not to forget, that even with the Plex functioning without heat for a day, BC students bundled up and hit the gym anyways.

While it’s obvious that BC students love to workout, the best way to workout is highly debated.  The Plex offers group fitness classes, they’re numerous workout clubs offered at BC, and there’s always the traditional solo sweat.

Group fitness classes are great, and if you haven’t tried one yet, you definitely should. Classes range in level of difficulty, come with a trained instructor, and always are accompanied with a fun workout playlist. If you are someone who has trouble finishing a workout, then group fitness classes may be the best option for you. The class keeps you motivated, because you see other people tiring out and pushing through. Plus, there’s always the awkwardness with leaving a class early to keep you sticking out the entire class.

Workout clubs are a cool option that you have during college that you don’t always have throughout the rest of your life. While there are clubs after you graduate, normally you have to pay to be part of them and they are very specific. BC has tons of clubs oriented at health and fitness. One club is CHAARG – it’s about empowering women to take control of their workout instead of just hitting the elliptical. CHARRG has weekly events that go to group fitness classes, but also individual workout groups.


While workout out with others can be fun, sometimes working out on your own is the best option. When you are alone you can control when you workout, what you do, and how hard to go. With college being all about social interactions, sometimes it’s hard to find alone time. Working out alone is a good excuse to get a break from people without missing out on any important social functions.


In the end, decide what is best for you. Don’t let anyone push you to do something that you are uncomfortable with. Working out is part of being healthy and another part of beig healthy is doing what you need for you.



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