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The Best Thing to Wear: Confidence

Wondering what to wear today? Don’t think too hard because there is only one must-have item that you need to rock everyday. It’s CONFIDENCE...

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10 Easy Ways to Love Yourself Now

Last week, we talked about the importance of loving yourself . Before you can fall in love with another, you need to fall in love with...

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Finding Abroad

Everyone knows someone who has gone abroad at BC. If you don’t know someone who is abroad now, you are sure to know someone who has gone in...

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How To Deal With Rejection

You know you go to an extremely competitive school when you have to apply in order to be considered to do community service. I have had my...

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How to Have Low Self-Esteem

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be a piece of satire. HC BC thinks that you are charming, ambitious, and that you have the potential to do...