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10 Easy Ways to Love Yourself Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Last week, we talked about the importance of loving yourself. Before you can fall in love with another, you need to fall in love with yourself. Yes, it sounds super cheesy, but it is 100% true. While loving yourself sounds easy, it can be a difficult task, especially in the stressful environment we live in.

With that said, we’ve put together a list of 10 easy ways you can start loving yourself right now. Each piece of advice is a way to banish negativity and embrace all of the amazing things in your life. Try to incorporate as many as possible into your daily routine for the new semester and you will be well on your way to finding yourself.

1. Accept the compliments you receive. HC BC writer and editor, Alana Dolan, points out that people don’t give you compliments for no reason, so accept them! It’s totally okay to let people tell you how awesome you are!

2. Allow yourself to practice self-care. School is exhausting. Extracurricular activities are exhausting. And let’s be honest, being social is exhausting, too. Learn to be okay with taking some time for yourself. Whether you spend an hour watching your favorite TV show or painting your nails, it is important to allow yourself time dedicated solely to you.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. HC BC writer Jessica Lyons tries to never compare herself to others. She shares, “I have my own personal goals and I focus on accomplishing those instead of trying to ‘get on the same level’ as someone else.

4. Think about the positive to do away with insecurity. Sometimes focusing on the good can help you to forget about the bad. HC BC writer Anne Flick shares, “When I was in high school, I would think about two things I liked if I ever felt insecure about something. For example, if I was having a day where I hated my legs, I’d focus on how much I liked my hair and eyes.”

5. Connect with your family. Yes, we all get annoyed with our families from time to time, but they are always there for us when we need a few words of encouragement. HC BC writer Ellie Hill likes to call her mom. She says, “Calling my mom always seems to put things into perspective, especially if I’m freaking out about something inconsequential.”

6. Use your friends for support. In the same way that family can provide you with words of encouragement, so can your friends. Whenever you have an off day, make plans with your friends. They are sure to be an instant pick-me-up and to put your insecurities and stresses in perspective.  

7. Let go of your mistakes. As we all know, you can’t change the past. So instead of focusing on the things that went wrong or the things that didn’t turn out as you planned, focus on the current moment, which brings us to our next tip.

8. Live in the moment. This is such a yogi phrase, but it holds true. Live in the moment as much as you can. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t fixate on the future. Meditate in the now and you will only learn to love yourself. Self-doubt will vanish and appreciation for yourself and your life will blossom.

9. Focus on your achievements, both big and small. When I am feeling down or not good enough, I always remind myself of everything I have accomplished in life. I remember finishing the Boston Marathon and how awesome that felt. I even will remind myself of little achievements, like getting to the gym or finishing an assignment.

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Kelsey Damassa is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in Communications and English. She is a native of Connecticut and frequents New York City like it is her job. On campus, she is the Campus Correspondent for the Boston College branch of Her Campus. She also teaches group fitness classes at the campus gym (both Spinning and Pump It Up!) and is an avid runner. She has run five half-marathons as well as the Boston Marathon. In her free time, Kelsey loves to bake (cupcakes anyone?), watch Disney movies, exercise, read any kind of novel with a Starbucks latte in hand, and watch endless episodes of "Friends" or "30 Rock."