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Most Memorable Oscar Moments

With the 89th Academy awards airing Sunday, February 26th, let’s take a moment to recap some of the most memorable Oscar moments thus far...

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The Best Musicals-Turned Movies

How often do you walk down the street and casually break out into song? The answer is probably never, even though I wish this wasn’t the...

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Like That? Listen To This!

My version of “spring cleaning” includes cleaning out my music and getting some fresh music to go along with the fresh flowers outside. The...

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#TBT: Want to Feel Old?

Recently, I have randomly had the feeling of “Wow, I am getting old.” Now only being 22 years old, my parents and their friends would...

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Fictional Alumni of Boston College

I love watching movies, like Mona Lisa Smile , and TV shows, like Gilmore Girls , that are about people my own age, but I can never help...