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22 Reasons To Love Taylor Swift and Have No Shame

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

No, Taylor Swift didn’t win a Grammy this year. And yes, she mistakenly thought she had won “Best Album” for Red, only to be beaten out by Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Still, she managed to boost her album sales for Red by 105% in one week, probably as a result of her memorable performance that night. In response to the media’s buzz about T-Swift post-Grammys and also the coincidental recent Valentine’s Day, here are 22 reasons why everyone should shamelessly love Taylor Swift.

1.     The way she audience-danced at the 2014 Grammys. And audience-dances in general.

2.     Her rapping alter ego, T-Swizzle.

3.     She was born and raised on a Christmas Tree Farm. 

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Taylor comes from an interesting background. She lived on a Christmas tree farm, where she worked with the rest of the family during the Christmas season.

4.     Had a bad day? Tay Swift will always be there for you.

5.     She did the voice of Audrey in The Lorax, and she’s going to make an appearance in the soon-to-be-released movie The Giver.

6.     She’s not afraid to wear a matching onesie. Even with her sibling!

7.     She’s accomplished.

She was the youngest artist to win a Grammy for Album of the Year for her album Fearless and the first female to have two albums (Speak Now and Red) that sold a million copies in the first week of their release. She’s also consistently ranked one as one of the highest paid celebrities.

8.     She’s friends with Ed Sheeran. #Sweeran

And also with Sarah Hyland, the actress who plays Haley Dunphy on Modern Family.

9.     And Ellen loves her.

10.  Her songs are catchy.  

Even if you don’t like her songs, you have to admit they easily get stuck in your head. Her more upbeat songs will instantly put you in a good mood, but even her breakup songs are catchy.

11.  She helps others.

Google the Taylor Swift Education Center if you don’t believe me. She also supports charities for sick children and natural disaster relief funds.

12.  Her cat, Meredith.

13.  She’s multi-talented.

She used to compete in horseshows when she was younger, and she’s a talented painter. And when she was 12, she wrote a 350-page novel.

14.  She’s a loyal friend.

Taylor met Abigail Anderson the first day of her high school freshman English class, and they’re best friends to this day.

15.  And reflective.

Taylor has said she plans to eventually write an autobiography. When asked about it, she said, “My life moves so fast. I have to write it all down. Otherwise, I can’t remember where I was yesterday.”

16.  And, I mean, she did date Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, and John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy.


17.  She has an appetite.

Taylor loves cheesecake and Japanese food. And candy.

18.  She’s funny.

Did you know she was the first guest on SNL to ever write her own monologue?

And do you read her tweets?

19.   And obviously sassy.

20.  She’s tall. A lot of people don’t know Taylor is actually 5’10”.  “Haters gonna hate,” to quote her famous blue unicorn t-shirt.

21.  Her performance of “All Too Well” at the 2014 Grammys

22.  And even if she didn’t win a Grammy for “Red” this year, she handled it well in the end.













Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum