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Like That? Listen To This!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

My version of “spring cleaning” includes cleaning out my music and getting some fresh music to go along with the fresh flowers outside. The easiest way to discover new music is to start with artists you are already somewhat familiar with, but that you haven’t necessarily listened to more than one song of theirs. So if you’re looking for some new music, here are a few suggestions to get you started, based on what songs and artists you already like!


You Like: “Pompeii”

Yes, this is the song that was played at the beginning of all the football games this year… and on the radio… and at every party you’ve gone to. Basically, it has been one of the biggest hits so far this year, and for good reason.

Then Listen To: “Flaws”

This song has the same indie feel as Pompeii, like all the other Bastille songs. Somehow the song is both upbeat and chill at the same time, and it makes it one of the most versatile songs I’ve heard.


You Like: “Counting Stars”

After “Apologize,” it didn’t seem like OneRepublic could ever one-up their own music. With this hit, though, they definitely succeeded. I’m a huge fan of a good lyric, and “Counting Stars” is filled with them.

Then Listen To: “Life In Color”

When this album first came out, this was the song that was put on repeat. It has a dreamy feel and a really catchy chorus – I bet you’ll be singing along by the end!


You Like: Let Her Go

You know that song you hear constantly that’s really calm, but you still can’t get out of your head? That’s “Let Her Go.” It’s one of the many of this type in Passenger’s music anthology.

Then Listen To: “The Wrong Direction”

The folk-indie feel definitely is not changed from “Let Her Go.” The guitar part keeps the distinct folk sound in the song, and when it’s paired with Mike Rosenberg’s great voice and accent, it creates musical gold.

Ellie Goulding

You Like: “Burn”

Although Ellie Goulding’s breakout hit was “Lights,” “Burn” has become the song that I always hear when I turn on the radio. It’s getting really popular, but it makes sense because it’s really fun and great for any party playlist.

Then Listen To: “Anything Could Happen”

If you need a walking to class song to strut to, look no further. The perfectly constant beat in “Anything Could Happen” keeps the air-y feel to the song grounded, and makes it a great song to dance to at a party or on your way to philosophy!

Panic! At The Disco

You Like: “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”

I’m sure you know at least one of Panic! At The Disco’s many hits, but I’m flashing back to the original song that brings us back to 2005 when we thought the chorus was too inappropriate to say out loud.

Then Listen To: “This Is Gospel”

Now you can relive those memories with a Panic! At The Disco song from their newest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Whether it’s in your car or in your dorm when you’re alone, this song is just so great to scream out the lyrics to.

These are just a few ideas of what you should listen to this spring. With too much music being put out than you could possibly listen to, the possibilities are endless. What new music have you been listening to?


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Boston College student, but Wisconsinite at heart. Music aficionado, and lover of all things cats. BC '16, LSOE. Secondary Ed. and English major, Psychology minor. Along with being a writer and editor for HC BC, Samantha is a Drumline Section Leader in the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, involved in the BC Pep Band and the BC Symphonic Band, and is a member of the English Association.
Kelsey Damassa is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in Communications and English. She is a native of Connecticut and frequents New York City like it is her job. On campus, she is the Campus Correspondent for the Boston College branch of Her Campus. She also teaches group fitness classes at the campus gym (both Spinning and Pump It Up!) and is an avid runner. She has run five half-marathons as well as the Boston Marathon. In her free time, Kelsey loves to bake (cupcakes anyone?), watch Disney movies, exercise, read any kind of novel with a Starbucks latte in hand, and watch endless episodes of "Friends" or "30 Rock."