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3 Ways to Make Food without an Oven

It can be difficult to make your own food in college when you don’t have an oven. And while many people have meal plans, that doesn’t...

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The Last Supper

The Last Supper is the working title of Her Campus BC's weekly food blog. Since it is my senior year here at BC and the blog will chronicle...

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Microfridge Meals

Cooking in college can be hard. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a suite with a kitchen, and are restrained to your microfridge (a...

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4 Ways to Make Oatmeal Interesting

Oatmeal is a breakfast go-to. Especially when you need something quick or the omelet line is just way too long. While delicious, filling,...

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Meet the Muffin Men of 20 Gerald

We have all heard the nursery rhyme about the muffin man. It goes a little something like this, in case you haven’t heard it. “Do you know...