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Halloween Treats (That You Can Make In Your Dorm!)

Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I make sure to start celebrating early. First come the scary movies, then the decorations, and then of course the (multiple) costumes. One important factor that’s missing from that list is the amazing seasonal food. I’m a lover of all themed things, so I decided to find a bunch of Halloween-themed treats that any Collegiette™ can make, whether you’re stuck without a kitchen on Newton or in the Mods.

Pumpkin Pretzels

What you need: Pretzels, Green M&Ms (you can eat the rest!), Orange food coloring, 1 Bag of white chocolate chips, 1 Tablespoon shortening.

How to make it:

For this sweet and salty treat, you start by putting the white chocolate chips and the shortening together in the microwave until it melts. Once it’s melted and stirred, add in orange food coloring to your preference. Next, you simply dunk the pretzels into the chocolate with your hands, and lay them flat on wax paper. Before they dry, add a green M&M to the “top” of the pretzel. Now, you have your own chocolate-covered pretzels that look like little pumpkins!

Scary Teeth

What you need: Apples, Peanut butter, Mini marshmallows

How to make it:

I know this is easy enough for all of us to make, because I remember making this when I was in elementary school! All you need to do is core your apples and then cut them into fours. Take one of the pieces, and cut out a small area in the middle just enough so it makes a line (resembling lips!). Add peanut butter to this cut area, then put marshmallows in as teeth.

Eerie Eyeballs

What you need: Oreos, Life Savers, Chocolate chips, Red candy melting chips

How to make it:

For each Oreo, carefully take off the top cookie – you can enjoy them and eat them right away, or you could save it for the next spooky treat. Melt the red chips in the microwave, and then drizzle red lines onto the white cream filling of the Oreo. Put a lifesaver in the middle of the Oreo, and add an upside-down chocolate chip to the middle of that to make the pupil of the eye!

Ghoulish Graveyard Cups

What you need: Oreos, Chocolate pudding cups, Ghost-shaped Peeps, Candy pumpkins

How to make it:

Crush up the Oreos that you either saved from the Eerie Eyeballs, or ones from a new pack (feel free to eat the cream this time!). Open the pudding cups and sprinkle Oreo crumbs in to look like dirt. Then, all you do is place a ghost-shaped Peep and a candy pumpkin on top, and you have a graveyard cup! Feel free to get creative with this one- you could add things like gummy worms, wafers as gravestones, or even green sprinkles for grass.

Now that you know how to make the cutest treats for your Halloween celebrations this year, make sure to snap a picture of what you make and tag @hercampusbc! We would love to see your creations. Happy Halloween!









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