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Kellyn Simpkin-Strong Girl Back One Arm
Her Campus at KU Yes, I’m a Bitch

Do you remember the first time you were told you could be anything? I don’t remember ever knowing anything different. From the time I was...

woman at a concert putting hands in a heart shape
Her Campus at Exeter Stop Apologising!

It’s important to be remorseful when you have done wrong, of course, but all too often people (especially women) are apologising simply for...

three women posting for picture
Her Campus at Waseda Sorry for Apologizing

“Why did you just say ‘sorry’?” I didn’t know how to respond to my friend’s question; I had no reason to apologize. Did I apologize out of...

Two Women on Balcony
Why It’s Okay to be a Bitch

In a minibus taxi ride not too long ago, my attention was grabbed by a conversation on the radio about Forbes’ list of the most powerful...