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Tips On How To Be More Assertive

It can be difficult to make your voice heard, especially when you’re surrounded by other strong women, but making sure your voice is heard and that you stand your ground is important. Learning to be more assertive doesn’t necessarily mean yelling to get your point across - sometimes all it takes is these three simple steps!


1. iMessages

Whenever you’re confronting someone, it’s important to make use of “iMessages.” iMessages are phrases that voice how you feel. For example, instead of “attacking” by saying, “You ___”, try using an iMessage like, “I feel _____ when you do ___.” You’d be surprised how powerful iMessages can be. They allow the other person to not feel attacked, and no one can argue with how you feel.

2. State how you feel

Telling the other person how they made you feel can help you a lot, even if it doesn’t change the situation; at least you know they know how they made you feel.

3. Don’t attack the other person

Similar to iMessages, it’s important to say how the other person made you feel. When putting forth what you have to say, it’s important to not attack the other person because they may become defensive, and this can deter from what you’re trying to say.

Keeping in mind these three simple tips can help the conversation go in your favor when confronting someone. Remember, being assertive doesn’t equal being mean!

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