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Her Campus at IUP The BEST Greek Frappe Recipe

If you were on Tiktok in 2020 you're probably familiar with the whipped coffee trend. This trend originated from a popular Greek summer drink. It's easy and quick to...

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Welcome Sigma Kappa to AU!

Around 90 ladies (including myself) pledged the new sorority at AU called Sigma Kappa over the weekend of February 5th.

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5 Reasons To Go To Yogaphied

Yogaphied is a philanthropy event held by Alpha Epsilon Phi to benefit Sharsheret, a support group for Jewish women with breast and ovarian...

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Your Guide to The Greek Alphabet

If you clicked on this article, then you probably struggle reading (or recognizing) greek letters. That was me, a year ago. I came to...

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Lindsy Crutchfield ’18

Name: Lindsy Crutchfield Year: Sophomore Major: PRSC with a minor in Sociology Hometown: Carthage, Maine Go-to fun fact: I worked at a...

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Somayina Boardman ’15

Anyone would be lucky enough to come across a girl like Somayina Boardman. She knows just what to say to make you smile and keeps it classy...

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5 Ways to Pay Your Sorority Dues

A sorority girl is someone who can talk for hours about how much she loves her sisters and how becoming affiliated was the best decision...