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Meet the Delta Tau Delta New Member Class Spring ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

The funny, the loving, the men of Delta Tau Delta Spring 2017 new member class!

*Edward was unavailable for the interview because he was ill.

**Michael has limited commentary because he was making jokes during his whole interview.

Her Campus American University: Why did you join greek life at AU? 

Jacob: I like the community aspect and how it shrinks the school down to certain people who you hang out with and that gives you a foundation to build yourself off of.

Mike: I figured it was worth checking out because I figured the rush process wasn’t a big commitment. 

Jack: I like the social aspect because it’s fun when a bunch of people come together. 

Zach: It was mostly because there weren’t many guys that were normal that I met, and I wanted more guy friends. 


HC AU: Why did you decide to rush Delta Tau Delta (Delt)?

Greg: I’m rushing Delt because the brothers are cool and awesome, they’re my best friends now, especially Joe Fratello that guy is the best. I really like the sense of brotherhood.

Mike: Honestly, I just felt like there was a connection with a lot of the guys. I had already formed friendships with a couple of the brothers already and it seemed like if I was going to get involved in fraternities that Delt would yield the best experience. 

Jack: I play rugby and a lot of my introduction to AU was through the Delt rugby guys. 

Shai: I liked that Delt was dorkier nice guys. 

Michael: I like the pledge class and Shai convinced me.


HC AU: What is your favorite thing about your new member class?

Greg: I like how our class is just a bunch of people who I can go to for anything, any time, anywhere and I love that we all have each others backs for whatever.

Mike: I think we all really care about each other. We’ve all formed bonds with each other that when there’s situations where we could be in trouble we all really rally together. 

Shai: I like friends.

Zach: Everyone is pretty chill and likes each other, that’s really nice. Everybody is really different and has different interests. 

HC AU: Who is the funniest in your class? 

Jacob: Probably Greg. 

Greg: Me, next question.

Shai: Zach. 

Jack: Zach, it’s not like he tells jokes but he’s just funny. I think I’m pretty funny honestly. 

Zach: I dunno, it really depends on the day. Greg’s not funny, people think he is, but he’s not. 


HC AU: Who is the best dressed in the class? 

Jack: Myself. 

Greg: Tough question because Edward has that sweet green jacket that he wears 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, Shai wears these graphic tees that came straight out of middle school, so that’s a good competitor. Mike is always wearing this Narrato shirt so that’s a good competitor. My answer is Zach Stahl.

Jacob: Tie between me and Jack.


HC AU: Who do you think is the ladies’ man of the class? 

Mike: Jacob Herd. 

Jack: Myself or Jacob. I do have a soft side, ladies. 

Shai: I think Jacob would paint himself as the ladies man because he talks about it so much but I think Jack has a soft side. 

Jacob: I would throw that one my way but Shai is the one everyone wishes didn’t have a girlfriend. 

Michael: Me absolutely. They swoon when I walk by. 


HC AU: Who’s the best dancer out of all of you? 

Shai: Jack’s pretty good, that booty is poppin’.

Jack: I get groovy on the dance floor. Edward is really good at dancing low key.

Jacob: Jack is probably our best dancer. 

Greg: Edward is the funniest dancer. 

Michael: Hands down, first place, me. 


HC AU: What is something that you want to do with your philanthropy in the next four years? 

Mike: Work really hard at promoting Delt dodgeball so we can raise a lot more money than we have historically.

Jack: I’d like to do more events like Delt dodgeball and expand that because it would increase presence on campus. 

Shai: It would be fun to actually go out and volunteer as a group of Delts or class because you’re all doing something to help the greater good. 

Zach: Have fliers for Delt dodgeball. If we can have that, it will be a new beginning for Delta Tau Delta! 


HC AU: Are you excited for Delt Dodgeball? 

Greg: I am very excited, espeically because I have a mock trail team together and we are the least physically competitive so it would just be so funny to watch the other team get destoryed out there. 

Jacob: I am and I’m on a team. I’m good at dodgeball. Well, I throw like a four year old girl but I dodge well. 

Michael: I’ll tell you what Katrina. I’m not excited for Delt dodgeball, I’m excited to win Delt dodgeball!

Zach: Yeah. I just had mono, so my spleen is enlarged so I shouldn’t do contact sports. But I think I’ll play. 


HC AU: Who in your class would win a hot dog eating contest?

Greg: Mike, because meat is in his last name (Bolognese). 

Jacob: Easily Edward. 

Mike: Edward, that boy loves his meat. 

Shai: I say Edward but Michael does digest food pretty fast. 


HC AU: What song would describe your class?  

Jacob: I don’t think you can pick one song. We’re very diverse. That’s what I like about Delt, we’re a very diverse fraternity. You can’t describe Delt by one thing. 

Greg: My Hips Don’t Lie. 

Jack: I would say, My Humps. 

Mike: I’d say My Humps is pretty accurate. 


HC AU: If you could pick one brother to put into your new member class who would it be? 

Mike: I think a lot of us vibe well with the Gamma Nu class so I think guys from that class would fit in well. 

Jack: I’d honestly love to see a young Wagman, so I’d add him to the pledge class. I always wonder what he was like as a freshman, because he’s older now. I’d love to see that progression.

Shai: I think Peter Cialone would be pretty cool. 

Zach: I really like Wagman and Alex Babrak. I would probably throw in Wagman because he’s actually a really cool guy. Wait, no I want Alex Kleinman in my class, he’s hilarious! 


Photos courtesy of author, new members and Delta Tau Delta. Gif credits: 1, 2.




Katrina is a senior at American University, studying Broadcast Journalism and Sociology. She is currently the President of Her Campus American. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. When she's not writing for HCAU, you can find her traveling the country, interning at WJLA, or working at the campus gym front desk. Katrina loves cats, white chocolate mochas, and Beyoncé. In the future, she hopes to be a local reporter back in Boston.