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7 Things You Forgot Happened in 2007

1. The iPhone was released. And it revolutionized the world. 2. Charlie bit Harry’s finger. I wonder where these boys are now? 3. Hit songs...

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The Middle School Dance

Grab your scented roll-on body glitter, girls, ‘cause we’re taking you back in time to the middle school dance. Let us preface this by...

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10 Songs Turning 10 in 2017

Add these bangers to your NYE Playlist and travel back to a simpler time of chunky highlights and mini skirts over leggings

5 Reasons 2007 Was The Best Year Ever

With all the #tbts, 90s trend revivals, and even Adele’s flip phone in her new music video, it can be hard not to romanticize the past. And...

Weekend Playlist: 2007 Edition

You know what I realized today? In 2007, I was a sophomore-junior in high school and the freshmen were in 7th through 8th grade! Sigh I’m...