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8 SKIMS Valentine’s Day Collection Dupes From Amazon For A Fire Last-Minute Look

OK, picture this: It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you want to impress your partner a little more than usual. So, you scan TikTok for sexy Valentine’s Day outfits in hopes that you’ll find some last-minute inspo with pieces you already have in your closet. Well, it turns out nothing will work, and just as you’re about to lose hope, you come across SKIMS’ Valentine’s day Collection. This is perfect, you think, because now you can place an order to rock SKIMS on Valentine’s Day.

But, you quickly realize you have two problems: 1. It’s four days before Valentine’s Day. 2. Your SKIMS order wouldn’t be shipped in time. Well, don’t worry just yet! I’ve compiled a list of eight Skims Valentine’s Day Collection dupes from Amazon with great ratings, in case you forgot to place an order or are doing some last minute shopping! These pieces are comparable to SKIMS, and are also more affordable if you’re on a budget. 

Latex Long Sleeve Dress

First, let’s start off with this iconic bodycon latex dress. I found this dupe from FEOYA for only $27 (talk about a steal) and it comes in both red and black – red being ideal for Valentine’s Day, of course. It fits true to size, and the brand also offers different pieces such as boots, bodysuits, and gloves. Pro tip: To get latex on easier, put some baby powder in it for a seamless change. Also, to get that latex to shine, try adding latex polish!


Next, let’s get into all things lace! This SKIMS Knit Lace Cropped Turtleneck is absolutely stunning, but it’s a piece you might want to find a cheaper alternative for. On Amazon, I was able to find this dupe from Allegra K, which comes in white or in black, and looks almost identical to the SKIMS piece. The biggest difference is that this one isn’t cropped, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you tuck it into your bra, or do a DIY and cut it a bit shorter.


To stay on theme with lace, let’s look at the SKIMS Knit Lace Leggings. These can be paired nicely with a tight skirt or dress, depending on your style. SweatyRocks has the best dupe, with over 500 reviews of 4.5 stars on Amazon! Just a heads up though, you should size down for these to get the ultimate SKIMS look.


And to finish off your lace look, SKIMS has these beautiful black lace gloves. SATINIOR has these beautiful tea party gloves that give the exact same look as the SKIMS ones!


Moving into another dress, there’s this long sleeve sheer dress with rhinestones. If you’re planning on going on a date and want to feel a little frisky, this is definitely the right option! LYANER has a great option in sheer black or with rhinestones, too, but they’re more noticeable than the SKIMS collection. I would opt out of the sheer black dress to keep it simple, but everyone has their own taste.


If you’re looking for a more full-coverage dress that will still hug you in all of the right places, try the SKIMS Cotton Rib Tank Dress! Valiamcep has this identical red one for only $23, and it has a 4.3 star rating. The quality is apparently comparable to SKIMS as well!


If you’re spending Valentine’s Day inside, here are some comfier options for you. Yoga pants are back in style and Kim K knows how to create the best ones. While you’re waiting to buy a real pair of SKIMS Lounge Fold Over Pants, I would recommend these ODODOS dupes, which come in multiple colors and can be folded at the waist.


Finally, get comfy for the rest of the night in these Slouch Socks dupes! Both made from similar materials, these Hugh Ugoli socks are the perfect dupe for your Valentine’s Day comfort.

Sabrina Bernard

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