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Everything You Need to Treat Yourself to a Post-Finals Spa Day at Home

Everyone needs a spa day, but some of us can’t really afford to take a true spa day, complete with facials and a massage. However, I can get pretty close with my level of pampering, and I think you deserve to do the same. After completing all your final exams and getting over the stress of finishing another academic year, why not take the time to relax and celebrate yourself? Here are six ways to spend a day at home relaxing, either alone or with friends.

A relaxing bath

It’s no secret that bath bombs are popular, especially for those of us who want the silky smooth skin they promise.We’re all familiar with Lush products; however, they can be a bit pricy. A Walmart bath bomb, which is much cheaper, does the job just fine and has a more affordable price tag. Pop a bath bomb into the tub, make the water as hot as you can, and just settle in with a sigh.

Masks for your skin

From face masks to foot masks, every inch of your skin should be treated with love. Hand masks from Sephora are pretty inexpensive and leave your hands silky smooth especially when they’ve been dried out due to more frequent hand washing and sanitizing (thanks, COVID-19). For face masks, if your skin is not on the sensitive side, I recommend a charcoal mask. It can draw out impurities like dirt and oil from your skin, according to L’Oréal. However, if your skin burns whenever you put something new on, I recommend Glow Recipe — a newer Sephora carry that, while a bit pricy, is the best skin care I’ve ever used for my sensitive skin. I especially recommend the Watermelon Sleep Mask. The skin is the largest organ you have, so take care of it and give it the nutrients it needs. 

Some fun nail polish

Nail polish always makes me feel beautiful, even if it’s not acrylic or dip polish. Painting your fingers or toes a color to match your mood makes you feel infinitely more confident. If you wear closed-toed shoes a lot during your work or school days, it’s like you have a little treat just for you which makes you feel special. My go-to color is a bright red on my toes and a sage green on my fingers.

Your comfiest pajamas
Anna Schultz-Girls Laughing In Holiday Pajamas
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

If you’re wanting a casual (COVID-safe) spa day with your friends, I recommend a pajama party. (Of course, you want to make sure either everyone is vaccinated or has been properly following CDC guidelines before considering a get-together). When I have spa nights with my friends, I have one rule: no nice pajamas. It’s fun to wear your grungiest PJs and laugh and tease one another while enjoying each others’ company.

Something to watch on TV

There are two extremes for an at-home spa day: sadness and stress, or fun and games. Watch something to reflect the night you’re having. When I am stressed and upset, all I want to do is cry it out, so I watch videos, shows, and movies that are either sad or so happy they make me cry. However, if you’re having a fun night, watch something funny or classic! What you watch is up to you, but you can never go wrong with Disney.

Your favorite snacks

Finally, my last tip is to break out the comfort food. This is your night of pampering, so pick your favorite snack or candy and enjoy the night. I usually grab a Baja Blast Freeze from Taco Bell and candy from a convenience store to last all night. My personal favorite is the Cookie Dough Bites.

Whether you spend your relaxation time alone or with others, make it about pampering yourself. Don’t focus on work or school — just focus on you. After stressful (mostly online) finals, it’s about time we take a much needed break and just relax. We’ve earned it!

My name is Bridget, and I am a South Carolinian living in Texas. I am a Baylor girl with 2 dogs I talk way too much about. 
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