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Fun Ideas for Christmas Break

It's official! Finals are over, and Christmas break is now upon us!! (Cue the hallelujah chorus). I don't know about you, but I'm planning...

5 Things to do After Finals

Take a deep breath, it’s over! You killed it on those 4 finals, 2 presentations, and that thesis paper! Now that they are all behind you,...

red and white cup beside book
Post Finals Destressing Ideas

Raise your hand if finals have just about killed you from stress and anxiety. Believe me. I'm raising my hand, too. But I will tell you now...

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How to Treat Yourself Post Finals

Purge your room of unnecessary school work! It always makes me feel great to recycle all of the old problem sets and notes that I won't...

5 Things to Do After Exams

Finals are over and now it's time to take care of yourself (and probably the space you've destroyed in the process of studying).