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7 Last-Minute ‘Midnights’ Halloween Costumes For Taylor Swift Fans

After months of anticipation, Taylor Swift finally dropped her new album Midnights in October 2022, and it’s everything and more (literally because she released seven extra songs, too). It’s the perfect blend of Reputation and Lover with some sprinkles of the darkness of Evermore. Basically, fans cannot get enough of “Anti-Hero” because it is an absolute banger and rife with several costume ideas in its music video alone. Swifties were also given a special treat in May 2023 when the singer released the Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) with even more new tracks. Plus, with Halloween right around the corner, Midnights leaves fans with many costume ideas—whether it’s putting on your favorite lavender shirt or dressing up like you’re in “Paris.” These Midnights Halloween costumes for Taylor Swift fans


If Mdinights is not your go-to album, there are many ways to show off your best fan girl costume. For example, you could definitely repurpose your Eras Tour outfit. Break out your sparkly bodysuit, metallic skirt and crop top combo, and beyond. Of course, don’t forget the face glitter and rhinestones. Additionally, you can find Halloween costume inspiration in so many of her music videos such as “Blank Space,” “You Belong With Me,” “You Need To Calm Down,” and “Bad Blood.” Here are some amazing last-minute Taylor Swift Midnights Halloween costumes for when you’re rushing out the door this October.

A Lavender Haze… Literally

Remember when Tayor wore that purple fluffy jacket and said “Meet me at midnight,” thus causing everyone to freak out? Well, you can enter your “Lavender Haze” era too by getting your hands on a purple fluffy jacket just like Swift, like this one from Amazon. Pair the jacket with a cute white slip dress for the full “Lavender Haze” effect. Remember: Swift wrote “Lavender Haze” about ignoring the haters, so wear what you want and don’t care what anyone says about it. 

The “Anti-Hero” Music Video

Swift never disappoints and she definitely didn’t drop the ball in the “Anti-Hero” music video. There are tons of costume ideas just from this one video! You could dress up as the other “problem” Swift with a red bodysuit (option to DIY the green stripes) and sequin shorts. If you really want to commit, buy a pair of dark green cowboy boots and you’ll look exactly like the “antihero.” Another, slightly easier idea is to dress as one of the ghosts in the video. Grab a sheet, heart-shaped glasses, and maybe make a DIY leaf crown and you’re all set! 

Get On Your “Vigilante Sh*t”

Time to “draw your cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man,” as Swift said. “Vigilante Sh*t” is totally reminiscent of Reputation era Swift, so wear your favorite outfit that makes you feel sexy. Dress for revenge in a cute black dress or bodysuit and grab your favorite pair of black boots or heels to match. Maybe straighten or slick back your hair as Swift did on the Reputation album cover. Add your favorite jewelry to compliment it as well! 

“Paris,” But Just The Vibe

“Paris” is part of the 7 songs that Swift surprised us with at 3 a.m. and it has a very similar vibe to the Lover era. Swift wrote about the “City of Love” based on ex-BF Joe Alwyn, and it’s one of the sweetest love songs on the album. Imagine you’re in love in Paris wearing a cute little beret, gloves, and your favorite baby doll dress.

A Midnights ’70s-Inspired Outfit

A lot of the teaser videos leading up to the Midnights release included T-Swift wearing a lot of retro, ’70s-style outfits. The fall ’70s vibe seemed to continue in the teaser trailer that she put out during the football game. Take some inspo from Swift’s Midnights promo shoot with a blue seamless shirt and brown corduroy pants from Urban Outfitters. Also, hop on to the crochet pattern trend and wear a crochet tank top with some corduroy pants.

Channel Your Inner “Maroon”

“Maroon” is probably one of the darkest and most heartbreaking songs on the album. However, it’s also one of the easiest to put together a costume for. If you don’t already have a maroon shirt or sweater in your closet, you can easily thrift one if you’re really pressed for time.

And don’t forget to add some scarlet lipstick to complete the look! I know Swift says “dancing in New York with no shoes,” but maybe wear your favorite pair of boots or tennis shoes (unless you fully want to commit to going barefoot, no judgment here). 

Get Cozy With “Snow On The Beach”

This song was a tad disappointing as you can’t even really hear Lana Del Rey (Lana, where you at?) but the costume ideas are endless. Maybe, if you’re feeling extra, you could wear a bathing suit with a puffer jacket. Or, for all the cozy and comfy vibes, you could fully bundle up in a full winter fit. Also, you could really even dress up as “Snow On The Beach” in an all-white fit. The options are really countless; the choice is yours. 

Hopefully, these costumes give you some ideas on how to enter your Midnights era this Halloween. Taylor really went full out with this album, so why not go full Midnights with your costume? 

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