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You *Know* You Wanna Wear An “Anti-Hero” Costume For Halloween, So Here’s How

As you’re probably well aware, Taylor Swift dropped her tenth album, Midnights, on Oct. 21, 2022. Suffice it to say that I — and every other Swiftie in the world — am a wreck. After announcing Midnights, Taylor has certainly set a lot of high expectations for every release she has in the works. If you’re anything like me, you probably locked yourself inside all night, waiting in anticipation for your Spotify to update, and searched for any new T.Swift Easter eggs to pop off. “Anti-Hero” is a standout on the album (and my personal fave), and the music video is simply iconic. And with Halloween on its way, you might still be struggling to come up with a costume. With that in mind, take inspiration from the track for some “Anti-Hero” Halloween costumes to wow all the Swifties at your party. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even recruit some new ones in the process.

Plus, you’d be dressing up as the 2023 MTV VMAs Video Of The Year and Song Of The Year In fact, Taylor won this year’s Artist Of The Year category, so you might just also win this year’s Halloween party costume contest, too. Even Midnights took home Album Of The Year, so this whole costume will be an absolute slay.

“I’m the problem, it’s me”

On a time crunch for putting together a costume? Keep it simple with Taylor’s iconic blue eyeshadow and red lipstick duo. The key piece should be a name tag that reads, “I’m the problem, it’s me.” Who doesn’t love a self-deprecating costume? 

“All the people that I’ve ghosted”

Looking to dress as something unique this Halloween? You can’t get more specific than going as “all the people [Taylor’s] ghosted.” Let the ghosts in the “Anti-Hero” music video be the blueprint for this costume — all you’ll need are floral sheets, sunglasses, and either a cowboy hat or cat ears. Try to avoid haunting people, or ghosting them, though. 


Was I the only one floored by Taylor’s bodysuit look? Those striped leotard and studded spandex shorts are going in my shopping cart, and you can totally find them at any costume or dancewear store. If you really want to replicate Taylor’s fierce “Anti-Hero” look, throw on some faux blonde bangs and platform green boots, too. Please don’t smash any guitars.  

“Vote for me for everything”
taylor swift

If you’re feeling presidential this Halloween, this is the costume for you. You can easily copy Taylor’s “vote for me for everything” outfit with a striped collared shirt, a messy bun, and, of course, a button sporting your campaign slogan. 

"anti-hero" halloween costumes

You’ll look like you “just flew in from Ibiza” as Taylor’s imaginary future son. Grab a colorful short-sleeve shirt and some headphones to release your inner Chad. Though Chad’s appearance was short-lived, it was one of the most memorable parts of the music video. Sorry to break it to you, but Taylor’s only leaving you 13 cents in her will. 

Jill Schuck

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