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These ‘Eras Tour’ Halloween Costumes Are *The* Moment

In a world of Barbies this Halloween, be Taylor Swift instead. Taylor’s music videos never fail to amaze all of her fans, myself included, but they also provide countless opportunities for some Halloween inspiration. I don’t just mean the iconic Eras Tour looks we’ve seen, I mean really getting into character this year like Taylor does in every music video. This year, Eras Tour Halloween costumes are the moment. I don’t make the rules.

Now is your time to really commit to your Halloween costume this year and really have fun with it. Here are my top five Eras Tour-inspired Halloween costumes that I definitely will be picking from. 

“You belong With Me” Costume (Fearless)

This one goes out to my fun Halloween girls, and you’ll only need to do a quick closet search. Hopefully, you have a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt in your closet, with glasses if possible. Once you have your materials, it’s time to decorate your shirt! 

Taylor’s shirt in the “You Belong With Me” music video seems to have different peoples’ names written on it, so it could be a great ice breaker at a party (if you don’t know anyone, of course) to have people sign your shirt and help complete your look. This music video was arguably one of her first popular music videos, so if you’ve been a fan since day one, this is your go-to Eras Tour-inspired costume. Bonus points if you create a sign that says “You OK?”

“The Man” Costume (Lover)

Remember Taylor’s music video for “The Man?” When Taylor literally goes undercover as a man to take on the patriarchy? Now it’s your turn. You’ll need a white button-up, blazer, and tie, along with a pair of black shorts or pants. This outfit is great for anyone who had an in-person internship while in college because you can easily reuse clothes (not your favorites, obviously) from there. If you really want to recreate Taylor’s Eras Tour look for Halloween, your silver or gray blazer with gray boots is going to be your power move. 

“Bad Blood” Costume (1989)

I loved 1989 and, like everyone else, am patiently waiting for Taylor’s version. However, an Eras Tour-inspired Halloween costume might be a little difficult for certain music videos, as the look basically consists of a red cropped top and skirt, but don’t worry, I have inspiration for everyone’s favorite 1989 music video.

It’s no secret that we all adore Selena Gomez and Taylor’s friendship; but their scenes together throughout the “Bad Blood” music video? Chefs kiss. Their final scene together (where it looks like they’re literally walking out of fire) is also the perfect costume for you and your bestie, because who doesn’t want to feel as powerful and cool as Selena and Taylor looked? 

For our Catastrophe girlies, you’ll need a red wig, black boots, black shorts, a few fake holsters, and some intense black eye makeup. If you’re leaning toward Arsyn, you’ll be looking for a black bob wig, black boots, a black leather skirt, a transparent black shirt with a black bralette underneath, and a few more fake holsters for good luck. Once you’re done, it’s time to create that iconic slap for an Instagram photo!

“Blank Space” Costume (1989)

We’re still patiently waiting for 1989 TV, but who could forget about Taylor’s iconic music video for “Blank Space” back in 2014? More specifically, remember when she started stabbing that cake in bed? That’s the energy we’re calling in for this look. 

If you’re not already blonde, it’s time to buy a blonde wig, preferably one you can create a side part with. You should also think of black lace hand gloves, red lipstick, black shorts with a black lace or lingerie top, and a black sheer robe. The key for this costume is to go for an evil stepmother vibe in my opinion.

“Bejeweled” Costume (Midnights)

Taylor wears multiple outfits that definitely provide the perfect inspiration for any Eras Tour-inspired looks. But let’s elevate that for our beloved “Bejeweled” music video.  

My vision for this costume is two parts: Taylor’s cape, and her bejeweled bodysuit piece from the “Bejeweled” music video. Together, the two pieces will give you the element of being mysterious and sexy, and what else could you ask for? 

You’ll have two options for the bodysuit: the black one with rainbow rhinestones, or the all-white bodysuit with clear rhinestones. Once you have your bodysuit picked out, it’s time to find a gray cape and add a few rhinestones — make sure it doesn’t overpower the rest of your costume! To complete the look, throw on a pair of tights and some high black boots. You’re ready to go out tonight, bestie! 

No matter the era, Taylor has consistently blessed us with her different outfit choices. It’s only fair that we pay our mother back that same respect by recreating some Eras Tour-inspired looks this Halloween. 

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