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5 ‘Harry’s House’-Inspired Halloween Costumes For Die-Hard Harries

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Since the release of Harry Styles’ third album Harry’s House on May 20, fans have eagerly awaited spooky season so they can pull out their cutest costumes for the pop star’s iconic Halloween-themed concert, Harryween. 

Last year, Styles shook fans to their cores on Harryween after revealing his band’s adorable group costume, a rendition of Wizard of Oz, with the singer dressing up as Dorothy for Halloween night. This 2022 Love On Tour, Styles has already pulled out some of his most glamorous outfits, and I personally can’t wait to see what he comes up with this Halloween! In the meantime, though, you need to figure out what Harry’s House inspired costume you’ll be rocking. 

The latest fashion trends have influenced some of the most popular costume choices this year, with sexy corsets making their way into Bridgerton-inspired Halloween costumes, and the neon pink trend paving the way for Barbiecore-themed outfits this season. Lucky for you, Styles definitely knows a thing or two about fashion, so fun feminine looks and your favorite trends are *obviously* still on the table. Whether you’re lucky enough to attend what should have been cleverly named Harry’s Haunted House this year (jealous if you are, BTW), or you’re just looking for a cute costume inspired by your favorite artist, check out these Harry’s House-inspired Halloween costumes! 

On the Cover
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Harry Styles Harrys House Columbia Records

Starting off the list is your favorite ‘70s aesthetic album cover fit. The flowy silhouette of this look was designed by Molly Goddard and planned by Harry Lambert, who works with Styles on creating his gender-fluid wardrobe, according to Popsugar. But you don’t have to pull out all of the luxury items this stylish team used! 

Instead, to go as the singer on the cover of his third album, start with a white cotton blouse that features a peter pan collar (a bonus if you can find one with red stitching), and your favorite dark wash, wide leg jeans. To finish off the look, take cues from the balletcore boom and grab yourself a pair of elegant white flats. Upside down furniture not required.

“As It Was” Couples costume

The release of the artist’s first single “As It Was” from Harry’s House created quite the anticipation for the album’s release. The music video left fans with many questions about Styles’ and Wilde’s romantic relationship, as well as some creative visuals — and now, your favorite Halloween costume ideas!

No one can forget the iconic scene of the two dancing in circles and having the ultimate dance-floor challenge, so grab your partner and decide which one of you wants to rock bright red shorts this Halloween. If you’re going as Styles’ dance partner (Mathilde Lin), make sure to find a sparkling blue jumpsuit that you feel confident in!

“Daylight” Harry

With this flashy (and okay, also corny) fit making its way into Styles’ music video for “Daylight” with James Corden, it’s safe to say that the pop star looks good in just about anything. But don’t worry, Styles’ whimsical energy and effortlessly stylish persona can easily be recreated this Halloween with a few simple pieces. 

First, find your favorite red sequined vest — and if you’re going for a sexier look this season, try a red sparkling corset instead. For accessories, make sure to snag the perfect yellow top hat and a giant red bowtie. It’s up to you to decide if you want to rock a rainbow tee like Styles did underneath — you do you, bestie! 

Late Night Knitting

For those of you who love to be cozy on Halloween night, this one’s for you. On May 17, Styles met with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss his hit album, where he wore a fuzzy mint sweater (with a brown house, for Harry’s House, obvi) paired with a chunky green beaded necklace. Although this sweater was made specifically for the singer by Ilana Blumberg, you too can get the comfy yet stylish look.

If you have talented crocheting and knitting skills, you can take cues from this fan @LaureninLA10, who knitted her very own Harry’s House sweater for one of his concerts! If using a sewing machine isn’t up your alley, try opting for this blue handmade sweater on Etsy. To finish the look off, pair the sweater with a green beaded necklace and your favorite chunky rings!

Harry at Coachella

OK, OK, so this one isn’t *technically* a Harry’s House-themed idea, but the singer did (surprisingly) play a few songs from the latest album during his 2022 Coachella set, so this costume is definitely worth mentioning. Also, this entirely pink fit was just too stunning not to include!

To achieve this Barbiecore meets glamorous cowboy look, check out this handmade retro ‘70s cowgirl outfit on Etsy, and add your own bedazzled details! To copy Styles’ cheeky taste, you can embroider your initials on the back of the pants for a personal touch, along with a cute little cherry that can easily be added on the back of the vest! Don’t forget the finishing touches — a pink cowboy hat and your favorite boots!

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