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Blankets and cardigans and granny squares, oh my! Crocheting is cool and not just for your grandma. People of all ages can enjoy such a calming pastime. There are many benefits to learning how to crochet and anyone can try it out. Just remember this when trying something new: no one starts out as an expert.

What are some benefits?

Crocheting can relieve anxiety and stress in our lives. Focusing on the patterns and stitches helps quiet those pesky thoughts that weigh us down. It’s a healthy way to take your mind off life’s many stressors and let creativity flow. It’s pretty therapeutic in my experience.

Once you finish a project, no matter how easy or complex the pattern is, the feeling of accomplishment follows. You made something with your own hands! Because of you, this creation now exists and that’s something to celebrate. Crocheting offers an opportunity to join a community. It’s an activity that brings people together in a wholesome way. By joining Facebook groups or apps like Meetup, you can get the great opportunity to meet people of all crocheting levels.

Fire up those Etsy accounts because you have a product! Selling your creations online can be a great side hustle or a new business venture. Make sure you do all your research, have your materials ready, and know what you’d like to sell. With crocheting, the options really are endless (almost).

What do I need to start?

Okay, we established a few reasons why crocheting is cool and how it can benefit our lives. Now, it’s time for the tools that make it happen!

As a beginner, you may want to use a thinner, more manageable yarn as practice. Fluffy, thicker yarn may cause some difficulty to someone starting out, but you can work up once your confidence grows. I highly recommend using a bright color like yellow or orange to see the stitches clearly.  

Crochet hooks come in a variety of colors, sizes and prices. Usually, the yarn you choose will tell you the kind of hooks you’ll need. Many beginners may stick to a medium-sized hook at first. You can also get an inexpensive variety pack if you’d like to feel more equipped when handling different types of yarn.

You’ll also need a pair of scissors or yarn snippers. If your project is still connected to a ball of yarn, you’re going to snip what you don’t need and save the rest for a new project. Or you can keep the ball of yarn connected. We don’t judge.

Projects to try

Once you get a handle on crocheting, there is so much you can make! Here’s a list of projects you can try to get started:

So, is it cool yet?

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There will be things in life others may not see as “cool.”Those opinions can often deter us from starting new projects or taking risks. As long as you think it’s fun, enjoyable or ‘cool‘, what does it matter what others think? Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a blanket to crochet!

Taiz Yamillette "Ty" Garcia is a Technical Communications major at the University of Central Florida. She enjoys reading fiction, fantasy, and romance novels. Yami is a creative through and through with a passion for language! Her goals are to become an editor, creative copywriter, and published author!