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5 ‘Bridgerton’ Halloween Costume Ideas To Make You Feel Like The Diamond Of The Season

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Don’t settle for a subpar costume this Halloween. With this year’s release of season two (and news of season three, plus a prequel!), it’s no secret that Bridgerton will dominate the holiday this year. Take inspiration from the show and create a costume people will burn for. Who hasn’t fantasized about twirling around in bedazzled gowns, or sporting a stylish hand fan? Seriously, the costumes in this show are just too good. And now, you can bring them to life yourself. 

Regency core and corsets are hot right now, so finding costume pieces to become the diamond of the season shouldn’t be too tricky. And you don’t need a family fortune to replicate the show’s best outfits, either. You also don’t have to strive for perfection (as Daphne Bridgerton once said, even imperfect things are “worthy of love”). If you want to be crowned the diamond of the Halloween party, check out these five Bridgerton inspired looks. (Warning: Spoilers for season two of Bridgerton ahead.)

Anyone for pall-mall?
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Do you dare wield the mallet of death for your costume? If you’re itching to show off your pall-mall skills, this is the look for you. 

To steal Kate Sharma’s game attire, you’ll need a purple maxi dress. Puff sleeves are a must for any regency outfit — the Gloria Fit and Flare Dress from Lucy in the Sky is a perfect option! Of course, a mallet is also an integral piece to this costume. Before you turn to Amazon, try to find a croquet mallet at a thrift store. (Sustainability is key, after all.) If you want to go the extra mile, throw on some statement jewelry, too. Mud stains aren’t required, though recommended. 

The viscountess & the viscount
BRIDGERTON 208 Unit 00377R?width=500&height=500&fit=cover&auto=webp

In season two of Bridgerton, I fell as much in love with Kate and Anthony as they did with each other. This Halloween, you and your S.O. should totally steal their style. For this costume, one of you can throw your hair in a bun, slip on some opera gloves, and wear a short-sleeve maxi dress. Make Miss Sharma proud: Accessorize with a mini tiara and some bold, antique jewelry. Bonus points if you carry a stuffed corgi with you. 

No one (including myself) can forget the iconic scene when Anthony falls in the water. Copy his look by wearing a sheer white shirt (peasant sleeves are a must), black pants, and a neck scarf for added flare. If you want to look like you just fished yourself out of a lake, slick back your hair with tons of product. Drawn-on sideburns are optional. 

Lady whistledown
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Ready to become the Gossip Girl of Regency London? Penelope, our favorite wallflower-turned-rumormonger, will be the protagonist of season three. (I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue from there.) With Penelope playing such a vital role in the show, she has undoubtedly earned a Halloween costume in her honor. 

Lady Whistledown isn’t Lady Whistledown without her quill and parchment. For this costume, you’ll want to carry around a quill and a letter of your own. If you’re lucky, maybe there’ll be a scandal at your Halloween party you can write about. Rock Pen’s trademark florals with the Influence Tall Tea dress from ASOS

The featheringtons
the featheringtons bridgerton?width=500&height=500&fit=cover&auto=webp

Let’s show some love for the rest of the Featherington family. If you’re looking for a trio Bridgerton costume, this one is perfect. 

To look like a Featherington, red hair is an absolute must. You can find a red wig at any party store; just make sure it’s long enough to style in a bun. With the Featheringtons, it’s go big or go home. Don’t be afraid to overdress with gaudy jewelry, fans and gloves, and as many hair accessories as you can physically wear. Bright colors and florals are also essential, so try to incorporate those patterns wherever you see fit. Elect one of your friends to be the conniving Portia Featherington, while the other two dress as Prudence and Philippa. Hopefully your Portia won’t try to play matchmaker at any parties.

The real star of the show
corgi bridgerton?width=500&height=500&fit=cover&auto=webp

Newton is a total gem. Who doesn’t love a judgmental, bat-eared corgi? I ate up every second he was on screen. To give Newton the spotlight he deserves, you should go as him for Halloween. The assembly of this costume shouldn’t require too much time or effort. If you have a tan sherpa coat leftover from 2017, you can reuse it in likeness of Newton’s fur. Find a pair of pants or a skirt of a similar color. 

For the finishing touches, you’ll need dog ears and face paint. Pinterest is full of DIY dog ear headband ideas, though you can always buy some at your local Halloween store. As for the face paint, use black paint to create a dot on the tip of your nose. Paint on some whiskers, too, plus a black line on your upper lip. Newton also isn’t complete without Kate — turn it into a duo costume, if you dare! I don’t recommend you growl at your friend’s potential dates, though, but hey — some circumstances might call for it.

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