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Harry Styles’ Love on Tour has been going on since September of 2021. It seems like every few months Styles is announcing another leg or adding more dates. Even with all the extra dates and new shows, tickets still seem super expensive, so why even bother going?

Harry Styles’ Love on Tour is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting concerts you will go to this year. It seems like the entire arena is filled with adoring fans screaming the lyrics to Styles’ songs. Even the nosebleeds would agree, the concert is electric. Everyone around you morphs into people unafraid to be themselves – letting go for a night and having fun.

I recently went to a Harry Styles’ Love on Tour show, night nine to be specific, at Madison Square Garden. One of the most exciting parts of the show is planning out your outfit. I spent countless hours supergluing gemstones onto my shirt and headband in the shape of a cherry just to fit into the environment of the show. The theme really is “go big or go home.”

At the show, half of the fun is looking at other people’s outfits and trying to find which song, or which Styles outfit inspired it. The number of over-the-top outfits is unbelievable. You can tell people put all of their effort into creating these outfits, purely to be a part of the community built at the concert. There are so many fans walking around and asking to take your picture or to be in their TikTok. For most people it is the fashion event of the year, allowing you to dress like the other 25,000 people attending the show and not worry about being judged.

When we got inside the show, our first stop was the merch line. Both my sister and I were wearing birthday sashes, a Madison Square Garden employee noticed and let us skip the line to get our merch. This was one of the nicest things any venue employee has ever done for my sister and I. However, almost all the venue employees go out of their way to help the attendees at the concert, another plus in attending the concert.

While waiting for the show the entire crowd joined in singing “Olivia” by One Direction and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. I personally have never felt more connected with a group of people. We were belting out songs together, and forming bonds before the show even started.

Finally, the arena erupts into cheers signaling Styles is about to take the stage, and then to my “surprise” he actually comes on stage. I couldn’t believe he was actually coming on stage until he was right there in front of my face. Then it was non-stop for the next hour and a half, at least. The best part of the concert was hearing my little sister demon scream when half the arena was silent. It was truly an experience like no other, being able to demon scream among fellow demon screamers. There are just so few concerts that have that much energy. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, well of course unless you go to six shows – making it a six in a lifetime experience. It was easily the best concert of 2022 for me.

I would recommend everyone try to go to a Harry Styles’ Love on Tour show. It is such an amazing and unique experience. There really is no better place in the world than to be in a room among 25,000 other Harry Styles fans. If that still didn’t convince you, just think Bon Jovi, John Krasinski, Noah Beck, Keenan Thompson and Neil Patrick Harris all went to a Harry Styles concert as well.

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