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Need Some ‘Eras’ Tour Makeup Inspo? Then Look No Further

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is underway, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having flashbacks of the Harry’s House US Tour. From the fun outfits to the major hype (especially on TikTok) surrounding the concert, the Eras tour is shaping up to be spring and summer 2023’s fashion show — and I’m here for it! Give me a Reputation-inspired all-black ensemble and I’m ready to take over the world.

However, what’s a great outfit without some fire makeup to match? While all of the attention may be on finding the perfect Lover-esque outfits, I think it’s about time that we give a little love to the makeup. For folks that are in a bit of a time pinch, or don’t have the cash to shell out on a new outfit they’ll probably only wear once, Blondie-inspired makeup is totally the way to go. And if you’re makeup-challenged, don’t worry: there are a ton of low-lift, easy makeup looks out there to try.

So whether you’re looking to step up your outfit with a simple glam, or want to rock a bold makeup look, the internet has your back. (Or, you can rock a red lip and call it a day… whatever works for you, bestie.)

Taylor Swift (Debut Album)

The one that started it all! This look is great for people with minimal makeup skills tat still want something a little fun. Bonus points if you write on your hands, too.


Part 2 of Taylor Swift albums as makeup looks: Fearless 👸🏼✨ @taylornation #taylorswift #fearless #lovestory #makeup

♬ love story rerecorded snippet – bailey ✨

If you like the classics, this one is for you. This look was inspired by Swift’s second album, Fearless — and it’s giving major “Love Story” vibes. A little bit of brown eyeshadow, some gold glitter, and a kickass red lip are all you need for this simple, and sweet, makeup look.

Speak Now

Speak Now inspired makeup💜 what era should i do next?? @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #speaknow #theerastour #taylorswift #swifttok #swiftie #erastour #taylorswiftmakeup

♬ original sound – r & m <33

While this may look a little complicated, fear not! You can 100% rock this eye look without the added gemstone liner. Just some purple shadow, and maybe a gemstone in the inner corner of your eye, is enough to get the Speak Now vibe.


Sometimes, a simple eye look and red lips are all you need.


To get that 1989 vibe, all you need is some metallic shadow and fun, graphic liner. It’s giving “Style,” in the best day.


Nothing says Reputation era more than a smokey eye. IYKYK.


WHO IS EXCITED TO SEE #TAYLORSWIFT SOON?! I know I am! 🥹💖 been wainting to see her in concert since I was young! Im going to be posting some makeup ideas for you to try for the concert! What Era shall I do next?! @taylorswift @taylornation #HoustonTSTheErasTour #taylorswifterastour #taylorswiftstadiumtour #theerastourtaylorswift #swiftie #taylorsversion #taylorswiftchallenge #aesthetic #makeup #makeupinspiration #pastel #lover #pink #taylorswiftlover #loveralbum

♬ Lover – Taylor Swift

A Lover era-inspired look is all about flirty, pink shades. Pop on some prink shadow and lashes… and draw a heart over your eye if you’re looking to level up.


A Folklore look is simple and chic. So, a dynamic double-liner moment is perfect if you want that extra oomph. “Mirrorball” who?


To go along with the folky vibes of this album, some neutral-toned shadow is best. Be sure to add a bit of shimmer for that “Gold Rush” vibe.


Finally, a Midnights look can be achieved through some metallic blue shadow, graphic liner, and lashes. Super cute, easy, and eye-catching!

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