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Here Are All The Products Monet McMichael Uses In Her Makeup Routine

I don’t get influenced easily. But when I do, I fall down a rabbit hole of makeup products (thanks, Alix Earle), haircare tools, and other product placements provided by the people on my TikTok FYP. My most recent obsession? Monet McMichael, obviously.

ICYMI, Monet MicMichael is taking over TikTok. The 22-year-old nursing student at Rutgers University has over 2.3 million followers and 111.5 million combined likes on TikTok, and her fanbase is growing by the day. On TikTok, McMichael’s videos range from chill GRWMs to vlogs with her (hilarious) family. No matter which video you’re watching, there’s bound to be a killer soundtrack in the back, lots of laughs, and that feeling of having an internet big sis. Not to mention, the girl’s makeup is always stunning.

Due to her makeup skills, McMichael constantly works with brands to showcase new products with honest reviews. However, a lot of her makeup routine stays consistent between videos — which makes it easy for people like me who need makeup recommendations like, all of the time. Monet, if you’re reading this, please send me a list of your holy grails so I can drain my paycheck on them!

If you’re looking for the products that give McMichael her signature glow, look no further. I’ve taken the time to watch her TikToks and put together a list of the products she uses the most. Ready, set, influenced!


grwm while I over share about my life for no reason 😌

♬ original sound – monet mcmichael 🤍
Sigma Spectrum Color-Correcting Duo

Before going in with foundation, McMichael uses this color corrector (Sigma, $30) to create a stunning base.

Armani FLuid Sheer Glow Enhancer

The Armani Fluid Sheer (Armani, $38) is one of my holy grails too, Monet.

Nars Light Reflecting Foundation

This Nars foundation (Ulta, $50) seems to be the holy grail of several TikTokers, and for a good reason. One user wrote on Ulta, “I am a first-time user and I swear my skin looks so flawless.” Adding to the cart!

REFY Duo Brush

In almost all of McMichael’s videos, you can bet she’s using the REFY duo face brush (Sephora, $24) to blend out the beat.

Sephora Best Skin Ever Concealer

If you’re looking for a full-coverage concealer, with a “second skin” vibe, look no further than this one (Sephora, $15) from Sephora.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

McMichael also uses this concealer (Ulta, $7) from Makeup Revolution.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow CHeat

For flawless brows like McMichael’s, look no further than the Brow Cheat (Sephora, $25).

NYX Brow Glue

To keep the brows in place, McMichael uses the NYX Brow Glue (Ulta, $9). According to one user, “It lasted a full work day and it made my stubborn eyebrow hairs move and stay in place.” Yup, buying it!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Contour Stick

The Fenty Beauty contour stick (Ulta, $28) is what snatched dreams are made of!

Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick

McMichael uses this blush stick (Ulta, $30) in the shade Plumberry, BTW.

Rare Beauty Highlight

For that extra glow, McMichael uses the Rare Beauty highlight ($25, Sephora).

Laura Mercier Ulta-blur Loose Powder

To set it all, stunningly, grab the Laura Mercier Ultra-Blur powder (Ulta, $44). Seriously, it’s that good.

Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray

The Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray (Sephora, $36) is your new go-to if you want to keep your makeup snatched. All. Day. Long.

KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner

For a “cat eye sharp enough to kill a man,” McMichael uses the KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner (Sephora, $23). (That was a T Swift reference, ICYMI.)

Tarte Tartelette Tubing Mascara

This Tarte mascara (Ulta, $24) is smudge-proof, flake-free, and long-lasting.

Lilly lashes — Mykonos Lite

No look is complete without lashes. Specially, these ones (Lilly Lashes, $20) from Lilly Lashes. Gorg.

Charlotte Tilbury — pillowtalk Lip Cheat

For the perfect pout, McMichael uses the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat (Sephora, $24) in the shade Intense.

Fenty Gloss Bomb Heat

Finally, McMichael uses the FENTY Gloss Bomb (Kohl’s, $24) in the shade “Hot Chocolit.”

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