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Need Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’ Outfit Ideas? Here Are 5 From TikTok

Taylor Swift kicked off her long-anticipated Eras Tour on Friday, March 17. Fans were excited to finally attend the singer’s live performances after years without a tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Swift’s last tour in 2018, she has released six new albums, so fans had plenty of inspiration for their concert outfits. Social media has been buzzing about outfit inspiration for the tour for months, and on March 17, the attendees of opening night got the chance to show off their creations. Fans were dressed in outfits from each of Swift’s “eras,” from her debut aesthetic in 2006 to her new “Bejeweled” unitard. Some fans went even deeper into Swift’s history, finding one-of-a-kind outfits she’s worn in interviews or videos. 

TikTok has been full of the most creative outfits that fans have put together to dance the night away at the concert. From Swift’s iconic “22” music video hat and sunglasses to the cardigan and flannel aesthetic of folklore and evermore, the app is full of inspiration if you need ideas for what to wear. Here are five of TikTok’s favorite outfits.

“Mirrorball” Dress (folklore)

Sequins have been Swift’s aesthetic recently, and what better way to show them off than by honoring “mirrorball,” the surprise song from opening night of the tour? @camillegriffith paired a silver sequined dress with matching high-heeled boots to complete the disco ball-inspired look!

“22” Hat and Red Lipstick (Red)

The iconic black bowler hat, “Not a lot going on at the moment” T-shirt, and red lipstick that Swift wore in her “22” music video has been inspiration for 22-year-olds for over a decade. @classycleanchic paired the hat with a long-sleeved white button up shirt and red shorts to honor Red’s aesthetic!

Fringe Crop Top and Shorts (1989)

Taylor has been rocking the fringe two-piece outfit since her 1989 era, and she brought back the outfit for her latest tour. If you’re lucky like @fernandacortesx, you might even match with the singer herself! So far, Swift has worn the outfit in pink and in green, but stay tuned for the rest of the tour to see if she has any other colors planned.

Black Leotard (Reputation)

Swift’s sixth album Reputation is known for its all-black aesthetic and anything that has to do with snakes. @amandathedietitian shared the best Reputation-themed leotards and accessories on Amazon, including the perfect knee-high boots and snake jewelry to complete the look.

Rainbow “Bejeweled” Dress (Midnights)

One of Swift’s latest trending outfits has been her “Bejeweled” leotard, and Swifties have come up with matching dresses, shirts, and more to make the whole place shimmer. @leah_ryder shared a dazzling “Bejeweled”-themed dress, as well as dress inspirations from some of Swift’s earlier albums!

Overall, the themes spotted at the Eras Tour so far have been fringe, sequins, and cowboy boots, which leave plenty of room to make your concert outfit your own. Keep an eye on TikTok as the tour continues to see Swifties come up with even more perfect outfits.

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