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4 TikTok Sounds To Use With Your ‘Eras Tour’ Outfit Reveal

Taylor Swift kicked off her Eras Tour on March 17, and Swifties in Glendale, Arizona were excited to show off their epic concert outfits. Outfit inspo from each of Taylor Swift’s 10 albums (or “eras”) has been trending on TikTok for months, and fans from all over the world were anxiously awaiting the outfit reveals from opening night. Taylor herself had distinct outfits for each era, complete with several quick changes and on-stage outfit transformations. Fans took inspiration from Swift to make their own TikTok reveals. 

There are several trending sounds on TikTok where Swifties are flawlessly revealing their concert outfits. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, or if you need a way to seamlessly show your TikTok followers what you’re wearing to the concert, check out these four ideas.

“Karma” from Midnights

A new sound has popped up on TikTok with an edited clip that sounds like Swift saying, “Oh my god, your Eras Tour outfit looks so f*cking good!” The clip then cuts to the chorus of “Karma,” a song from Midnights that’s on the concert setlist. @emiliekiser paired this sound with Swift’s signature heart hands from Fearless. When the camera zoomed out on her hands, she was wearing her gorgeous Lover-themed outfit!

“Vigilante Sh*t” from Midnights

Another Midnights sound to use for your reveal is a remix of “Vigilante Sh*t” with Reputation’s “…Ready For It?” In her video, @camillegriffith wore a robe while Swift sang, “I don’t dress for women, I don’t dress for men, lately I’ve been dressing for…” When the beat dropped on “revenge,” she revealed her iconic “mirrorball” dress!

“Gorgeous” From Reputation

@hansreputation created another sound to reveal your tour outfits, with the song “Gorgeous” from Reputation. She demonstrates by holding a makeup brush during the lines, “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I might sink and drown and die.” She then drops the brush, and when the chorus begins, she stands back up to reveal the outfit!

“Don’t Blame Me” from Reputation

@camillegriffith showcased another flawless transition to the song “Don’t Blame Me” from Reputation. She wore an everyday outfit during the line “I’d beg you on your knees to stay,” then revealed her gorgeous tour outfit as the beat dropped for the chorus.

These four trends are the perfect way to reveal your outfit for the Eras Tour! Scroll through and find your favorites, because the creativity among Swifties has been endless so far when it comes to finding the perfect outfit reveals for the show.

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