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Custom Style Bundles Are All Over TikTok, & Here Are 7 Creators Who Make Them

Stylists have been around for a long time. They’re the force behind many celebrities’ most iconic looks, and they’re the best in the game at following (and creating) some of the most fashionable trends of our time.  Now, however, personalized styling is no longer just a job done for your favorite influencers and celebs. Instead, Gen Z is changing the game of sustainable fashion by offering up their own styling services with TikTok’s style bundles.

If you haven’t seen the viral “here’s what she asked for and here’s what she got” styling videos, here’s the low down: with curated style bundles, thrifters anywhere can put together personalized outfits according to the customer’s preferred aesthetic. Loving mermaid vibes this summer? You can request that in a style bundle. Obsessed with cottagecore fashion? The right style bundlist can help you create the perfect looks. Whatever pieces you’re searching for to add to your wardrobe, a style bundle bought from a TikTok stylist can be a sustainable, fashionable option. 

Not sure where to start in your style bundle journey? Here are seven of my favorite style bundlists who I can’t wait to order from.

Celeste Goyena

I’ve been obsessed with Goyena’s style bundles since I saw her curated wardrobe for Mackenzie Ziegler.  Along with many other successful thrifts, this one fit her requested aesthetic to a tee. Goyena’s most requested looks are a mix of the blokette style and a bit of model-off-duty, so if that’s your vibe, definitely check out her style bundles.

Esme Carpenter

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Carpenter is another thrift expert that I’ve been dying to order a style bundle from. She’s great at finding the basics you need for your closet, but is (IMO) best at finding pieces with fun prints and bold colors.

KC Aloco

If you’re looking for Sofia Richie vibes in your latest looks, definitely head over to Aloco’s style page. Her bundles are great for maturing your style but keeping that fun, feminine energy. Perfect for your summer internship!

Kalita Hon

A self-proclaimed thrift enthusiast, Hon styles bundles for the It Girls. Her videos are full of ‘90s and 2000s core pieces with a unique flare. Of course, that’s not the only style she specializes in. Check out her page for the coolest bundles!

Brailey Nelson

Although newer to the style-bundling game, Nelson has some of the cutest style bundles I’ve seen on my feed. She consistently finds solid, high-quality pieces, so you won’t have to worry about only liking one or two pieces out of your bundle. Nelson also walks you through each individual garment in her videos, so you know exactly how to style your pieces when they arrive!

Secondhand by Bella

@Secondhandbybella is a bundlist that I can tell really cares about their clients’ inspiration. A bonus? She gets so many pieces with the allotted budget! Her bundles are definitely worth splurging on if you know what you want in a wardrobe.

Micha Russell

Russell, aka @happyspell on TikTok, is another style bundlist that has been all over my FYP. She’s a fashion sustainability advocate, and her content thrives not only because of her impeccable sense of style, but her care for the planet, too. She offers a range of different prices, and has some of my favorite bundles on the list!

Madison Bailey

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