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5 Of The Best Beachy Mermaidcore Accessories, According To A Fashion Major

The rise of mermaidcore has officially succeeded in putting a name to my dream aesthetic. I mean, can you really say you never wanted to emulate the aesthetic of these mystical creatures after watching H2O and Aquamarine? And with summer vacations right around the corner, it’s time to start putting together your best warm-weather outfits — accessories included. 

To put it simply, mermaidcore is all about “a style that is effortless, flowing, whimsical, unapologetically feminine, and takes inspiration from the ocean,” according to Appalachian State apparel and design major Jaidyn Toomey. The new aesthetic is taking over runways and social media alike, and it’s so easy to incorporate these influences into your own looks. Chances are, you already have a few pieces that fit the mermaidcore vibe. Toomey notes she’s “loving maxi skirts and dresses for achieving the mermaidcore aesthetic, especially if they’re flowing and sheer.” 

The cherry on top of an already-magical aesthetic is the jewelry, of course. To match the mermaidcore vibe, Toomey says “cool ocean tones such as blues, greens, purples as well as iridescent and pearly colors” would work best. But if you’re not sure where to start when shopping for this vibe, I’ve got you covered. Check out these five mermaidcore accessory ideas for 2023, according to a fashion major.

Sea Glass Earrings

Looking for the perfect pair of summer hoops? The Machete Kate Hoops in Sea Glass ($44) are for you. According to Toomey, translucent sea glass colored earrings are a staple of the mermaidcore look this year. “These earrings look like they just washed up on the beach,” she says. “The beautiful sea glass color will compliment many skin tones.”

Pearl Everything

There’s no mermaidcore without pearls. Lucky for us, pearl jewelry is everywhere in 2023. To add charm to any of your summer outfits, just add pearls! Toomey recommends the Èliou Papillon gold-tone pearl bracelet on Net-A-Porter ($140) for its stunning freshwater pearls and dual-style look. You can also find plenty of gorgeous pearl jewelry on Etsy, like the Baroque Pearl Necklace ($41) By Lily Shop Studio 1994. Toomey says, “These unique pearls will add intrigue to your outfits and they will go with anything, so you don’t have to worry about having difficulty styling them!”I recommend choosing baroque pearls as your pearl of choice. They add such a unique touch and are always different.

Aquamarine Rings

“You can’t forget about aquamarine stone rings, a classic mermaid staple,” says Toomey. I myself have found plenty of blue crystal jewelry at local crystal shops and farmers markets, but if you’re not sure where to get one for yourself, Toomey recommends browsing Etsy. There are plenty of mermaidcore options out there, but she especially loves the Raw-Cut Aquamarine ring ($17) by Shayam Jewelers.

Starfish Pendants

Remember Aquamarine’s adorable starfish earrings? Well, your own starfish pendant may not whisper sweet compliments in your ear, but it will definitely elicit admiration from your mermaidcore besties. I’m in love with the Orange Glass Starfish Necklace ($14) on Etsy, and the Silver Starfish Necklace ($21) from En Route!

Handcrafted Beach Jewelry

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to gatekeep this brand. They’re seriously perfect. Made by Kelsey Armstrong, owner of Haricot Vert, these gorgeous pieces — ranging from picto-charmed dangle earrings to stunning statement pendants — encapsulate the mermaidcore accessories of your dreams. Other than the (absolutely stunning) pieces already featured on the site, Armstrong is dropping an especially-beachy line of necklaces! “Tantalizing talismans of the depths below, luring hearts with each swing to and fro,” writes the brand on Instagram. “March 31 cannot come any sooner.”

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