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31 Cozy College Apartment Decor Ideas

So you’ve finally upgraded from your shoebox of a dorm, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to decorating your college apartment. Now is your chance to experiment with your personal aesthetic and design vision, especially because you’re no longer at the mercy of your RA and your dorm’s strict rules for residential students (you can actually light those delicious-smelling candles!).

When you start to look for decor ideas, opt for pieces that are functional, easy-to-use, and make your space feel cozy. Rather than having to contain all of your posters to one wall, you have the opportunity to fully spruce up your bedroom, living room, even your front door, so it’s time to get creative! And if you’re worried about shelling out for pricey items, keep in mind that decorating on a budget is easier than you think when you choose multi-functional items, like artsy furniture that doubles as storage.

Ready to begin filling up your online shopping cart to make the Pinterest-perfect home of your dreams? Here are some of the best college apartment decor ideas to get you started.

Storage Ottoman

Functional yet adorable is the formula for a perfect decor piece. This storage ottoman can act as a seat, a stool, or a filler piece while providing storage for blankets, clothes, and more. 

Amazon, $20

Vinyl Record Display Shelves

Your space should be a reflection of you and some of your favorite things. These holders are the ideal way to showcase your music taste or favorite artists. Not to mention, they keep your valuable records safe!

Amazon, $14

Macrame Plant Hangers

These hangers provide a perfect home for houseplants and give a bohemian aesthetic to your space. Greenery brings life to a living room and creates a serene environment. 

Amazon, $15

Rolling Cart

Whether you want a beverage cart to amp up your girls’ nights or a coffee bar to make those early morning classes more bearable, this rolling cart can make those drink dreams come true. 

Amazon, $23

Boho Accent Pillows

Accent pillows are a great way to add color to a space without being overpowering. These comfy options will be the star of the show on your couch or bed.

Amazon, $16

Bubble Candles

Candles are a go-to for apartment decor, but these add a fun twist with their texture, color, and a nice scent to top it off!

Etsy, $21

Gallery Wall Set

These neutral, minimalistic prints add flavor to any wall. Play around with the layout of the prints to create a perfect gallery wall of your own. 

Etsy, $9

Custom Roommates Sign

Living with roommates? Make your and your besties’ college apartment memorable with this custom drink sign. Add it above your beverage cart, in your kitchen, or even in your living room for a nice little touch!

Etsy, $16

Round End Table

This round end table can act as a nightstand, decorative table, or coffee table. The top can be detached for use as a serving or laptop tray. The cloth basket at the bottom provides storage for magazines, blankets or pillows. This piece is both multifunctional and cute!

Amazon, $46

Attachable Bedside Table

This table that attaches right to the side of your bed is practical, convenient, and versatile. It can act as a phone stand, remote tray, or cup holder. Plus, the bamboo accents make it easy to blend into whatever your color palette is. 

Amazon, $25

Funky Mirror

The key to designing a college apartment is all about maximizing space. Mirrors are a great way to do this by making the space look more open than it is. This unique mirror in particular also gives the room a fun vibe. 

Amazon, $13

“Get Naked” Bath Mat

Bathrooms deserve decor too! This funny bath mat is the cutest accessory for your bathroom to make it modern, fun, and personal (you can finally say goodbye to the days of sharing a bathroom with 16 other people on your floor). It will also give your guests a nice little surprise.

Etsy, $25

“Hi” Welcome Doormat

This piece makes for the perfect entrance piece to welcome your guests. It is simple yet quirky and sends out friendly energy as soon as you walk into your apartment. 

Etsy, $35

Three-piece Storage Basket Sets

Baskets are your best friend when it comes to optimizing space in your college apartment while also being visually appealing. This three-piece set comes in a variety of sizes to fit all of your organizational needs.  

Amazon, $33

Decorative Tray

Trays act as a functional design piece to elevate any simple object, such as perfumes or magazines. The accents of gold in this piece will elevate any space and add a chic vibe. 

Amazon, $25

Chenille Throw Blanket

Throw blankets can help blur the lines of comfort and luxe in a space. This chenille throw blanket is the perfect blend of luxurious and cozy materials and is sure to class any bed or couch it is placed on. 

Amazon, $25

White Fluffy Rug

College apartments can get noisy, but area rugs act as a shield. This white fluffy rug provides comfort, warmth, chicness, and a noise blockade for those late nights when your downstairs neighbor is throwing a rager. 

Amazon, $20

Bedding & Comforter Set

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your college bedroom, so make sure it is a space of comfort and serenity. This “boho chic” set is the perfect option to turn your bed into an oasis. The geometric pattern makes it adorable. Tip: Opt for neutral colors like this taupe and gray, so you can have some fun with throw pillows and blankets! 

Amazon, $75

Custom Neon Signs

Add some spice to your walls with these bright neon signs. The colors bring a fun, positive ambiance to the room and you can show your personality through the phrase you choose. 

Etsy, $40

Crystal Bookends

This one is for my book lovers. Dress up that pile of books sitting on your shelf with these beautiful crystal bookends. The slight roughness on the outside adds a unique design element and the rose quartz adds a sweet touch to your existing decor. 

Amazon, $42

Floating Wood Shelves

Whether you’re putting them in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, these floating wood shelves are the ideal piece to add to your wall decor. They act as additional storage, but also can be used to showcase pictures, plants, candles, and more. 

Amazon, $25

Digital Alarm Clock

You’ve seen those “that girl” TikToks that start with the shot of the digital clock on their computer, right? Now, you can be “that girl” when waking up in your apartment. This digital alarm clock adds a sleek, modern touch and functionality to your space, even if you just hit snooze every morning.

Amazon, $20

Preppy Cowgirl Poster

This one is for my girls who wear their fluffy cowgirl hats on a night out on the town. The preppy cowgirl aesthetic has taken over Pinterest pages, Instagram feeds, and even sororities. This “howdy” wall decor captures the aesthetic perfectly and adds a little excitement to bland apartment walls.  

Amazon, $14

Nightstand Lamp

This minimalist lamp is great for your bedside table. The light adds a warm glow to your room while also acting as a charging port. 

Amazon, $26

Oval Concrete Tray

These oval concrete trays are everything and more. They are retro yet boho, simple yet fun. The colors brighten your space without being overwhelming. The trays can be used for plants, candles, rings, perfume, or anything your heart desires. 

Etsy, $11

Hand Ring Holder

This hand ring holder is such a fun and unique piece to display on your dresser, desk, or counter. You can show off your favorite rings and jewelry in an artsy way instead of shoving them all in a box. 

Amazon, $13

Wire Basket

Decor pieces that act as organization are the best! These wire baskets will keep your desk, shelf, or counter looking neat and modern. You can use them for your notebooks, towels, or toiletries. 

Target, $12

Music Poster

Your bedroom is going to become your safe space, so surround yourself with things you love, like your favorite musical artist. These music posters are a simple way to dress up your walls while expressing your personality. 

Etsy, $9

Sunset Lamp

This sunset lamp is guaranteed to make your room both relaxing and playful. The warm tones of the light create a calming ambiance and it can also make for a great photo shoot prop!

Amazon, $30

Mini Vases

These matte, pastel mini vases are the ideal addition to any table space. They have a sleek, modern finish that still makes any room look vibrant. 

Etsy, $12

Fake Plants

If you want to add greenery to your apartment without the commitment of actual plants, then these fake plants are just for you! The modern white pot and the simple touch of the plants will elevate the ambiance of any room. 

Target, $5

Hannah is an Editorial Intern for Her Campus and a Staff Writer for HCFSU. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, or rewatching her comfort shows (Friends, The Vampire Diaries, or Gossip Girl) for 20th time!
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