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7 Tips For Organizing & Styling Your Dorm Room

After the busiest online semester ever, I’m sure I’m not alone in being excited to get back to school on campus. However, something I haven’t missed is fitting my entire life into a tiny dorm room space. However, I’ll let you in on my secret: Command™ Products are the best items to use when decorating and organizing your space, as they are east to apply, and when the year is over, they come down damage-free. Need some ideas? Here are seven tips for styling your dorm room doors and walls with Command™ Products:

Utilize Vertical Space

I love adding shelves to my room. It is the perfect way to make room when you need more! Unfortunately, in a rental apartment or dorm room, you often can’t drill into the walls. But lucky for you, Command™ Display Ledges and Command™ Picture Ledges are a great way to add shelf space with no damage! You can even create a “Zen” feeling in your space by adding faux or real plants to your shelves. 

organize scarves

Do you have an amazing scarf collection? Same! Using the Command™ Designer Hook, you will be able to show off that dope collection and keep it nice and organized.

create a gallery wall

Imagine being a great photographer, but keeping all of your photos hidden in folders. Well, not anymore! Using the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, you can showcase your beautiful work while keeping your wall free of any unwanted marks. The best part is, they come in small, medium, and large sizes based on the size and weight of your frame!

organize your essentials

I don’t know about you, but after a long day of studying, I am ready to drop my things on the floor and go to bed. I end up leaving a huge mess. Luckily using Command™ Large Matte Black Double Hooks, I can hang up my bag, jacket, and keys as soon as I walk in the door instead of dropping them on the floor.

display your fave pics

Looking for new ways to put up pictures of your friends and family? Using Command™ Poster Strips can help you hang up your photos all over your room in such cute ways — it’s a perfect tool to change your aesthetic. You can even decorate the inside of your closet door with this technique!

organize your tech

If you’re crazy about being organized and keeping your things in place, I am sure loose wires drive you crazy. By using Command™ Clear Hooks, you can hang your headphones and tech cables to keep them from tangling up and adding chaos to your space. 

freshen up your space with greenery

Add real (or faux!) greenery to your room to make it feel like a calming oasis. Use Command™ Clear Mini Hooks to add vines or strung flowers to your wall, just like you would string lights. 

And there you have it — seven tips for using Command™ Products this semester and beyond. Be sure to check out the whole collection here!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Jordan Alexis Yearwood (Jay) is a junior mass media arts major with a concentration in Public Relations at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in LongIsland. Wings and Mexican food are her go-to and she is a sucker for great ice coffee. She also enjoys creative writing, online shopping, filming/editing videos, and listening to music. Her future career goal is to establish a production company for Black entertainers. She wants to build a platform that will empower Black creatives and artists to define their own cultural narratives. Follow her @iamjordanalexis on Instagram to keep up with her black girl magic!
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