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9 Blonde & Brunette Duo Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time for spooky spiked drinks with dry ice smoke rolling off the top, cotton-cobweb-covered fraternity basements, and of course, a best friend costume that is ideal for Instagram pics and TikTok vids. And if you’ve got a blonde bestie (like me), it’s never too early to brainstorm a few iconic (and unique) blonde and brunette Halloween costumes.

For those of you just beginning your search, look no further! I’ve compiled a list of nine costumes for the blondie and brunette best friend duo in your life, both thought-out and last-minute, whether you’re beginning your search a month, a year, or a day before Halloween.


If you need any inspiration for more Halloween costumes, you can def turn to Taylor Swift who has thrilling aesthetics in her “Anti-Hero” music video, as well as across her whole Midnights album. Plus, blondes have a lot of inspiration this year after the release of Greta Gerwig’s box office hit Barbie.

After you pick your fave BFF blonde and brunette Halloween costume, you can dive into the best Halloween movies to watch all season long. Happy costume hunting!

1. Princess Peach and Daisy

Any Nintendo players here? All you need to achieve this look are two fake tiaras, a pink and orange dress, and some large ribbons to accessorize with. If you’re not looking to go the DIY route, you can totally find Peach and Daisy costumes online.

2. Chocolate and Vanilla Teddy Grahams 

This last-minute, DIY costume can be made from items that you probably have in your closet and costume box. To achieve this look, all you need are two dresses in cream (or white) and dark brown, and two pairs of teddy bear ears. Extra points for carrying around a box of Teddy Grahams (because who doesn’t love a snack?).

3. Paris and Nicole

If you’re like me and binged The Simple Life earlier this year, this costume may pique your interest. All you need to do is dress in your best Y2K club attire. Bonus points for blondie if she can get her hands on a toy (or living) Pomeranian.


This is ur sign to be Paris and Nicole with your bestie #thesimplelife #halloween

♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

4. Snooki and JWoww

Sort of the same Y2K vibe as Paris and Nicole, just Jersey-fy it with some neon and cheetah print (or even better, neon cheetah print). While these legends are both brunettes, JWoww is known for her iconic blonde streaks in the first season of the show. Halloween is the time to transform, so go for it!

To achieve this look, head to the thrift store and pick up some denim skirts and skinny jeans that you can layer. While you’re there, you can also find some long-sleeved tops in royal blue or neon green (or really any color that is a bit harsh on the eyes) to pair with the bottoms. If you’re looking for something a little more reliable (let’s face it, the thrift store can be a hit-or-miss), you can check Amazon for some neon bodycon dresses to DIY with some painted-on cheetah print. 


5. Regina George and Gretchen Weiners

I know that the film came out in 2004, but the head of the costume department for Mean Girls seriously deserves a raise. You can achieve this look by using inspiration from Y2K style (this will be the last Y2K-inspired costume, I promise) to craft the costumes: think plaid skirts and argyle for Gretchen and anything with an “R” on it for Regina.


6. Rizzo and Sandy

This spin on the classic Grease costume is for the girls. Just switch out Danny Zuko with Rizzo and you’ve got something way cooler than the Sandy and Danny costumes that you’ve seen — and will see — a million times. For Sandy, all you need is a short- to mid-sleeved (but not no-sleeved) blouse to pair with a maxi skirt (preferably an A-line fit with polka dots).

For Rizzo, you’ll need a black mid-sleeved bodycon (if you can find one with a collar, snag it) paired with either a red neck scarf or a pink bomber jacket. You can also tie a plain black belt around the waist for the perfect 1950s vibe.

7. Sophia Grace And Rosie

I’m just going to leave this here.

8. Alice and The Mad Hatter

For Alice, all you’ll need is a baby blue dress, an apron, and some white ribbons to tie into bows. You can get creative with The Mad Hatter with funky colors, prints, and accessories. Halloween is your time to have fun and wear those crazy clothes you wouldn’t otherwise wear. So, enjoy it!


9. Betty and Veronica

If you and your bestie are cheerleaders, you may not need to scout out a costume at all. If not, there are so many cheap cheerleading costumes online. All you need to achieve this Riverdale look is a set of matching cheerleader outfits, headbands, and to make sure that blondie’s hair is up in a ponytail. 

So, to our blonde and brunette besties, go out there and make Halloween your b*tch — your best b*tch, that is.

Katelyn Haruko Schmisseur is a wellness content writer for Her Campus. Prior to this, she served as an intern for the sex and relationships vertical during the fall semester of 2022. Outside of Her Campus, Katelyn works as a freelance writer and content creator where she posts story times as well as thrifting and fashion content. She graduated from Chapman University in the spring of 2023 with a BFA in Creative Writing and a minor in Integrated Educational Studies. At night, she enters her Tyra Banks Y2K era as a bartender at the flagship Coyote Ugly location. She currently lives in Florida with her boyfriend and her orange kitten that she recently adopted. When she’s not working or writing, Katelyn enjoys thrifting, tanning, spending hours scrolling eBay, and going to the beach. Follow Katelyn on social media! @Katelynharuko on Instagram, TikTok, and Depop.