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As A Gen Zer, This Is The Ultimate Ranking Of Best Halloween Movies

I don’t know about anyone else, but as I reflect on some of my favorite Halloween memories, I realize how many of them involve watching Halloween movies. Maybe I’m slightly nostalgic for those iconic Pillsbury cookies (the ones with the pumpkins are heavenly) and going to Target to pick out accessories for my favorite costume, but there’s something about being wrapped up in a blanket and turning on your favorite Halloween movie that just feels right. Now that I’m in college, it’s safe to say that everyone else around me feels the same way and is gearing up for the next few weeks of spook-tacular fun.

I can’t stop counting the days until I can begin to watch some of my favorite Halloween films with my favorite people as we begin to plan our Halloween outfits. And before you ask, I do have a rating system for my favorite spooky movies. Some of them may shock you, or some of them may make you giggle with delight, but the films I’ve chosen are ones, I feel, represent Gen Z’s love for Halloween and need to be put on your watchlist this spooky season.

1. Coraline

I mean, how could you not have Coraline on your Halloween list? There’s something enchanting and nostalgic about Coraline’s cinematography, character design, and the whimsical sets. Growing up, I watched Coraline almost every day (not even during Halloween) and loved the film so much that I have a special Coraline doll from the movie. 

2. Twilight

Technically Twilight is not a Halloween film, but I disagree. I mean, have you seen the weather in this film? It’s always rainy in Forks and I can’t help but want to wrap myself around a blanket while watching the Twilight saga. Also, it’s literally all about wolves and vampires. That’s enough for me to consider it a Halloween film. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

If this movie doesn’t rank high on your Halloween movie list, you’re absolutely lying to yourself. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween (and Christmas!) classic and deserves all the praise. I love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween with my mom and listening to Jack Skellington, Sally, and the whole gang belt their hearts out during “This is Halloween” at the start of the film. Also, Zero the dog is adorable. 

4. Halloweentown 

Again, this is just another Halloween classic that has to rank high on your Halloween list. Maybe it’s just me, but Halloweentown absolutely slaps with its special FX makeup and wacky character designs. There’s also something about the ‘90s feel of this movie that makes me want to jump into the screen and imagine I’m in Halloweentown. Also, did anyone else want to ride with Benny in his taxi?

5. Corpse Bride

I loved Corpse Bride growing up and I still do today. The fact that Corpse Bride is technically a period piece — there’s romance and humor— and it has one of my all-time favorite endings (which still makes me cry) is one of the reasons why it ranks incredibly high on my list. You also can’t help but not root for Emily in this film. Watching Corpse Bride may have you tearing up looking at blue butterflies. 

6. Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a Halloween movie for the girls and the girls only. As one of the most recent slashers to come out in the past year, Bodies Bodies Bodies also has a great sense of humor and plays out like a whodunnit game with glow sticks. The soundtrack is one of the best film soundtracks ever and Alice’s entire monologue is one I can recite from memory. Also, it’s literally a horror movie targeted towards Gen Z. Who wouldn’t love it? 

7. Twitches 

If Twitches doesn’t rank in the top 10 on your Halloween list, you have to be lying to yourself. I mean, the 2000s outfits and cheesy dialogue make this a comfort movie for me. Maybe this is just a me thing, but this movie made me want to have a twin sister. I also wanted their magic in this film growing up, so it’s obviously a favorite for me. 

8. The Batman

I know, I know, everyone is going to tell me that technically The Batman is not a Halloween movie. But hear me out: the film literally begins on Halloween night. The entire plot is driven by an incident that happens on Halloween, and Bruce Wayne’s opening dialogue talks about him protecting Gotham on this special night. Also, the entire film is rainy and dark, and works so well as a Halloween movie. In addition to all of that, Robert Pattinson dresses up in a Batman suit in this film, so that’s enough for me to consider it a must-watch Halloween movie. 

9. Ready or Not

One of my favorite underrated horror movies has to be Ready or Not. Thankfully, it’s become more well-known throughout the years and has one of my favorite final girl moments. Samara Weaving is a true scream queen in this film, and if you love horror movies where you genuinely are rooting for the main character to survive, you’ve come to the right place. I love the final line in this film and that alone is why it ranks high on my list. 

10. Beetlejuice 

A Halloween classic. I feel like this one is a bit self-explanatory, but I love the aesthetic and feel of Beetlejuice so much that this film is one of my favorites. I also really wanted to be Lydia when I was younger, partially because I loved her outfits. 

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