8 Campus Cuties Who Are Crazy for Crossfit

Name: Mateo Lopez
School: Barnard
Major: Undecided (maybe Philosophy)
Class Year: 2014
Relationship Status: Single

Interests:Paleo Cooking, Crossfit, Star Wars, Diego Lopez (my little brother), Marvel, DC, Shows on AMC like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, movies, movies, movies, MOVIES!, music that makes me want to dance, music that makes me feel better when I am sad
Interests at CU: AEPi, Dodge Fitness Center, interested in finding out why Lit Hum is so bad but CC is so good, interested in finding out why the package center isn’t open on Saturdays

What's your ideal date? I don’t really know what my ideal date is, but I can tell you about a date that went really well. I dated this girl a couple years ago and on our first date I invited her over earlier in the day. After making breakfast for her, we went for a walk around my neighborhood.  I live in a place called Silver Lake in LA.  Down the hill from my house, there is a reservoir and we took a walk around it and then chilled on the grass in the park.  We went back to my house and she said something along the lines of “Wow you have a really nice view from your balcony!”  I said that the view was actually a lot nicer on the roof.  I took her up there and we could see the whole city—downtown, the Hollywood sign, even the beach.
What's your most embarrassing date experience?  I can’t really think of anything that was super embarrassing.  But you know what’s the worst?  When you are into a girl and you want to ask them out on a date but you can’t because they have strategically put you in the friend zone so any time you guys do hang out, you feel awkward and weird because it's not really a date even though you really want it to be a date. The friend zone is like taking a wild animal, like a tiger, and throwing it in captivity, it’s just cruel.
What are some of the qualities you like best in a girl? I am a really nerdy dude. I love Star Wars, I read comic books, and I play way too many video games. I am interested in girls who make me feel less nerdy or who can understand me and accept me for the 5-year-old that I am.  I like girls with a lot of energy, who are loud, and who make weird noises in awkward situations because then I feel more normal.  It’s also a plus when I find a girl who enjoys working out/playing sports as much as I do.
Where do you see yourself in five years? Living in L.A., in an apartment, with three dogs.  Two of them will be pugs, one will be named Goblin, the other Ghoul.  The third will be a mixed dog of some kind and his name will be Steve or Gilgamesh depending on the size.  I will hopefully not be single and I will hopefully own my own Crossfit gym...or I will be the editor-in-chief at IGN, whichever comes first.  Let’s be honest the only thing I know for sure is that I will have those dogs. The rest us up in the air.
Who is your celebrity crush? There’s just so many.  I would normally go with Mila Kunis, but you know who has been catching my eye lately?  Jennifer Lawrence.  It might be that I just saw the Hunger Games trailer and I think it looks tight...
If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you spend the winnings on?
I would give most of the money to my parents probably. But with my share, I would rent out a flat in Barcelona and fly out my closest family and friends and just live there with all of them by the beach, chilling for a while, and then come back to the real world. After I would give it to Michael Sher and Danny O’Leary to invest it in something.  And I would buy AEPi a house.  You know what would also be cool, if I made my own production company to fund films that I want made.  I could go to my friends and say, hey, remember that idea you had for a movie? Do you want to make it?  You need funding?  Guess what, I just won the lottery and have too much money so, let’s make your movie.  That would be pretty sick.