Six Houseplants Anyone Can Care For

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and taking some time for themselves over this reading week! February is such a draining month; us students are settled into school with assignments and exams creeping up and winter feels like it is dragging on forever. Most people can't wait for the days that they can look outside and it is sunny and green. The winter and the constant dreariness of the weather can really take a toll on one’s mental health. For some, being able to soak up the sun and spend some time in the green outdoors is so therapeutic. I have a solution that can potentially help…  houseplants! An easy houseplant can be a small addition to your daily or weekly routine, but can make a big difference. There's something about caring for something and watching it grow that can really have a positive impact on your mental health. Check out these six easy-to-care-for houseplants below with some simple instructions on how to care for them.  
  1. 1. Snake Plant

    The snake plant is one of my favorites to recommend as they are very hardy. The most important reasoning behind this is their tolerance to different lighting conditions. They can thrive in anything from very low light to direct sunlight. They are also very hardy because they can push through temperature changes, so if your house tends to be very hot in the summer and much cooler in the winter, it won't affect it too much! They don’t need a super specific watering routine; yet another reason they are such an easy plant to care for! Water it so that the soil is moist and water again when the soil feels dry is the easiest way to remember this one. These plants are also known for their air-purifying properties.

    Snake plant by window
  2. 2. Monstera

    The monstera is considered a tropical plant. You have probably seen images of this one before as it has taken Pinterest boards and iPhone wallpapers by storm! However, they are even prettier in real life. I remember trying to get my hands on one for months before I found one. These plants are pretty resistant to light but don't necessarily love direct, bright sunlight or total darkness so anywhere in between! These plants are also a bit drought-tolerant, meaning if you forget to water them and they are dry for a period of time they will probably be okay!

  3. 3. Pothos

    The pothos is a pretty, fast-growing plant. This plant will grow fast while placed in indirect sunlight but will tolerate low-light conditions. This plant also doesn't need any special watering instructions. Water it when it feels dry! These plants can grow vine-like, so they can be placed up high and beautifully draped down or placed on a table with something to hang onto so they can grow up.

    Devil's Ivy growing out of pot
  4. 4. Air Plant

    Ait plants are so beautiful and so easy to care for! As stated by their name, they grow in the air and therefore do not need to be placed in any soil. These plants are perfect for those beautiful glass-hanging terrariums. The only care these plants need is an occasional misting of water! This also makes them perfect for the bathroom as they love the humidity.

    Air Plants Hanging
  5. 5. Spider Plant

    The spider plant is yet another easy plant to care for. They do best in direct sunlight. Once again, these plants only need to be watered once they are dry! This plant is cool because it will give you a direct indicator if you are over-watering it. The tips of the leaves will start to turn brown or black. Another great indicator with this plant is the tips of the leaves may start to turn brown and crispy if it is not being watered enough. The spider plant tells you exactly what it needs!

    laptop with plants
  6. 6. ZZ Plant

    Last but not least the ZZ plant; also known as the ‘indestructible plant’. The reasoning behind this given name is because this plant can thrive in many places other plants can’t such as humid bathrooms and darker rooms. You also don't have to worry about too much of a watering schedule because this plant prefers to be on the dry side. This one is so easy to care for and looks so nice as a touch of decor in any room.

    zz plant
If you find you need an extra little something in your routine, a houseplant might be right up your alley. There are so many to choose from aside from the six that I mentioned here and with a small amount of Google research you can be fully equipped to be a new plant parent!