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How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to their semester and is doing well. Let me ask you something - when you work out, do you ever feel so motivated that you feel on top of the world, only to have it all crash down later on because fear or anxiety crept up on you? This is exactly what happened to me. When I first started going to a public gym to workout, I would hype myself up for a few days, have really high motivation, and make it to the gym. However, I would also find myself at a low point where my anxiety about going to the gym would creep up and my motivation would disappear.  If you relate to this or want to gain the confidence to start going to the gym, then this article is for you. First, I just want to clarify that working out at home is just as great for you; however, some people don't find it as motivating and find they don't work as hard as if they were at the gym. This is where a lot of people run into the predicament of wanting to go to the gym but not feeling totally comfortable going. So, I am here to give you some tips on how to overcome this feeling of anxiety about going to the gym.

Have a Plan

If you don’t know where to start or have anxiety about not knowing what to do when you get there, an easy thing to do is to make a plan before you go. This alleviates the stress of figuring out what you’re going to do on top of the initial anxiety of making it to the gym. Take a notebook and give yourself a rough outline of what you want to get done at the gym that day. And feel free to change it up when you get there too! Having a plan helps with confidence and keeping yourself accountable.

Go With a Friend

This is a great one! Going to the gym alone can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never been before and are not sure how the machines work or certain etiquettes. Going with a friend can take the tension and weight off of figuring those things out by yourself. This is also a really great tip because it allows you to be with someone who you can encourage and will encourage you back.  Being motivated by a friend can boost your confidence in the gym and squash that anxiety.

Gym Outfit

Part of not feeling so anxious when going to the gym is about feeling confident. Have you ever bought an outfit that just changes how you feel about yourself? Buy yourself a gym outfit that you feel comfortable and amazing in! Buy yourself a new pair of leggings, a top, or a new pair of shoes, and rock that feel-good confidence! Heck, buy a whole outfit if you want. It will be worth it if it motivates you to go to the gym and live a healthier lifestyle. Feeling confident in yourself will give you the motivation to walk into that gym and not care about what anybody else thinks.

Music Playlist

Get yourself hyped up for the gym! It is super boring to walk into the gym and workout to nothing but silence or the faint sound of music coming from the gym speakers. How are you supposed to get hyped, and work your hardest when it’s silent? Psst.. I'll give you a hint: it's hard. If you’re just getting into regularly going to the gym I would suggest making a playlist of your personal favorite upbeat songs. This way, when you are working out, you are being encouraged by a playlist of your favorite songs.

Personal Trainer/ Group Classes

If you don’t have the option of going to the gym with a friend, taking a group class, or having a personal trainer can also alleviate anxiety about figuring things out on your own. This is also a really great suggestion because if you are not familiar with working out or you want to learn some new workout techniques, having a personal trainer or taking a class are great ways to do just that.

Going to the gym isn't only good for our physical health, but also our mental health, and wellness. Exercising helps improve your sleep, self-image, and confidence, and it works to reduce depression, anxiety, and negative moods. While people usually know this, their anxiety will stop them from doing it. These tips are good ways to get started on overcoming your anxiety to go to the gym. I hope this article helps you get to the gym!
Hi, Im Jaden! I am a Bachelor of Science Psychology major at York University. I love to read, write, workout and crochet.
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