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5 Body Positive YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Body positivity is such an important topic, especially since loving one’s body can be tough to achieve. However, some people know exactly how to talk about body and weight issues in a candid and positive way. If you’ve ever struggled or are currently struggling with your body image, you should watch these women’s YouTube videos. They might help you on your journey to feeling positive and loving your body.


Carrie Dayton

Carrie’s channel is full of positivity. She’s one of those YouTubers who can make your day with her bright smile, interesting stories and sisterly advice. She’s very body positive and takes her viewers along with her on her journey to self-love whilst simultaneously giving sound advice. Some of her videos that I recommend watching include her Why I Got Rid of My Skinny Clothes, her Midsize Fashion Playlist, her Trying On Different Sizes playlist and her Why I Gained Weight videos. One thing I love about her is her ability to make you feel so positive about body image. Additionally, watching her videos feels like listening to your wise and fun older sister. Carrie is an amazing person and such a charismatic YouTuber, so you definitely won’t regret subscribing!





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Alexandra Airene

For all those plus-sized girls out there who don’t see enough women with bodies like theirs on social media, don’t worry. There are a lot of amazing, positive and healthy women who are plus-sized and proud. Alexandra is one of those great YouTubers who is so kind and puts her whole heart into her videos. Videos of hers that I recommend include her Plus Size Fashion playlist, her Body Positivity playlist and her A Fearless Life vlogs.





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Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra is such a fun YouTuber to watch and her videos are always entertaining and body positive. She’s always super candid about her weight and her feelings towards certain clothing items and clothing stores. Some of her videos that I recommend are her Brutally Honest Reviews playlist, her Inside the Dressing Room playlist and her Body Positivity playlist. I also suggest watching her collab video with Carrie Dayton called Size 12 Girls Try On the Same Outfits from Target. It’s a great video and truly goes to show how size is truly just a number and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others who are the same size as you but have a different body type. After watching Sierra’s videos, you’re going to want to go shopping and just buy clothes that you love and feel comfortable in.





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Grace F Victory

Grace is positively brilliant! Her videos are so down-to-earth that it feels like you’re in the room with her. She’s very open and honest about her feelings and her life, letting her viewers see every part of her. She has a lot of fun makeup and fashion videos as well as some vlogs up on her channel. Videos that I  recommend are her Body Image & Mental Health playlist as well as her Advice playlist.




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Lucy Wood

Lucy markets herself as an average girl, which she is, and which a lot of us are too. Her videos are real, honest and quirky. Her videos include shopping, beauty reviews, advice videos, “get ready with me”’s and more. I recommend you check out her Size 14 Fashion playlist for some body positivity, her Average Girl Tries playlist and her Things to Remember When Your Body Changes video. You’re sure to love her fun personality and adorable British accent.


Take a moment out of your day to watch some of these videos on YouTube. Hopefully, they’ll brighten up your day and bring you on a positive path to body positivity, acceptance and self-love.


Melissa is a fifth-year student in Communications and Psychology at Glendon College (York University). She enjoys reading, writing, going shopping and watching reality television shows with her friends. Her dream is to work in entertainment PR and to live in London, England.   
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