5 Up and Coming Artists in Pop Music Today

We are so lucky to live in a generation full of incredible music by so many incredible artists. Music genres of all kinds are continuously evolving and changing thanks to the new artists that emerge on the scene. As I am constantly looking for new unique artists to add to my playlists, I thought I’d share five of my favorite up and coming pop artists that you may have never heard of before to add to your playlists. Each of these artists is unique in the way they tell their stories through music in the most creative and moving ways. You may have heard a couple of their songs on the radio before, but each of them brings incredible artistry and talent to the table in shaping the next generation of music.



Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Biggest hit: “Mine”

Instagram: @bazzi

Song to check out next: “BRB”

Fun fact: You may recognize the first line of his hit “Mine”, which became popular through a Snapchat filter.




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King Princess

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Biggest Hit: “1950”

Instagram: @kingprincess69

Song to check out next: “Talia”

Fun fact: Mikaela Straus, now known as King Princess, was offered her first record deal at age 11.




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Maggie Rogers  

Hometown: Eastland, MD

Biggest Hit: “Alaska”

Instagram: @maggierogers

Song to check out next: “Light On”

Fun Fact: Maggie wrote her first hit “Alaska” in 15 minutes for the master class she was taking at NYU, held by famed musician Pharrell Williams.




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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Biggest Hit: “ILYSB”

Instagram: @thisislany

Song to check out next: “Good Girls”

Fun fact: LANY got their band name by using the abbreviations of the cities of Los Angeles and New York (LA and NY), representing their aim to spread from coast to coast.


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Troye Sivan

Hometown: Perth, AU

Biggest Hit: “My My My”

Instagram: @troyesivan

Song to check out next: “FOOLS”

Fun fact: Troye rose to fame as a YouTuber before his singing career took off.




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I hope I was able to introduce you to a good bunch of newcomers in the pop music scene. Take a listen to their music and share these talented artists with your friends and family if you love them as much as I do!