Dorm Room Workout

It’s 2016 readers! And you know what that means. New year, new workout plan!

Are you tired of doing the same workout regime? Every time you go to Grum, is it too crowded? Here is a new and improved HerCampus Workout Plan!

Make sure to stretch before anything else. This is to help loosen up the muscles and so you won’t be sore during the workout.


Circuit One:


(Start off with 20 each and work your way up by tens)

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups

Mountain Climbers

Calf Raises


Plank: Start off with 10 seconds and work your way to 1 minute


*Water break*


Circuit Two:



Walking Lunges

Bicycle Crunches

High Knee Jog for at least 1 minute

Jumping Jacks

Do both circuits three times and you are done! See? Don’t you feel great? Do this three times a week and see what happens! Not really interested in this workout, here is another workout that you may be interested in.