CHAARG’s 5th Birthday + What is CHAARG?

CHAARG has now been around for 5 years and it’s currently at over 50 universities. CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls and is an all-women’s health and fitness organization that strives to liberate girls from the elliptical and to truly find their fit. Focusing on radiating good vibes and positivity are a few other key aspects of CHAARG.

This organization started at The Ohio State University by Elisabeth Tavierne. Her goal is to bring CHAARG to every university—if not the world. However, her mission is to empower every CHAARG girl to be the best version of herself.

One of those 50 schools is Xavier University. Xavier University’s CHAARG chapter incorporates a variety of different workouts to help girls find their fit. This is so girls are not just limited to thinking of going to the weight room or running as their only options for exercise. In the past, CHAARG has done cycling, hot yoga, barre, and so much more to let girls get a taste of a variety of workouts in order to find out what their preference of fun is.

A big part of CHAARG is making an Instagram account dedicated to your health and fitness progress such as what you did to exercise that day, the progress you had made on a goal you had set, how you recharged or took time for yourself, or even what you ate. In addition, you can connect with an empowering and encouraging community of members, whether they are in your CHAARG chapter or at a different school.

The most important aspect of CHAARG is that it’s for all girls, not just for the fitness-obsessed. Girls can be at any point in their fitness journey, whether they are just starting out or are already along on their path. For any girls who want to meet new friends or try out different workouts, CHAARG would be a great match.

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