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Hi, and welcome back to amazing fitness challenges done by a person who’s not that fit. This time I thought to myself, “What are the two exercises that I can’t handle the most?” and the answer is running and burpees. I really hate running so I decided let’s go with burpees! For this challenge, I looked up a set of guidelines online to follow because the number of burpees wasn’t as set as my pushup challenge was.


So, I started this challenge on January 8th which was the first day of classes for this semester. I was supposed to start on the 7th but I was feeling a bit lazy and that kind of pushed me back. I only did 5 burpees that day but wow I forgot how much these sucked.

The first week went well, I adjusted my time table for the challenge so that I would finish right before February, that I could start my next challenge and get back on track with it being at the beginning of the month. Basically, I cut out all my rest days and some of the days where I would’ve been doing doubles. It took me down to about 25 days instead of 30.

What I realized about this challenge is that unlike the pushups these were not getting better. 100 pushups every day over time I got used to them and I started to like them quite a bit because it helped motivate me, but the burpees just don’t get better over time they almost get worse.

As I neared the end of my journey with doing burpees every day I was happy because they were the worst. After 25 days, you’d think I would kind of begrudgingly accept the fact that I was doing burpees that day but honestly, I dreaded it so much.

What I learned from this month is that burpees are the worst and that they don’t get any better no matter how many burpees you end up doing. I’m not sure what muscles burpees target, but I don’t really think that I gained any muscles from this. That’s just me. 4/10 would recommend but if you really want to push yourself into doing something you really weren’t sure you were capable of, this is the challenge for you.


Allison Kane

Xavier '20

Allison Kane is a senior Marketing major and Spanish minor at Xavier University. When she's not working on the HerCampus Xavier Marketing Team, she spends her time, playing catch with her "unwilling" friends, eating Kit Kats and haning out with her fish.