Five Tips to Bring Yourself Up

As the school year is coming to an end and finals season is approaching, it is exceptionally vital that we are all aware of our mental health and take time throughout the day to lift our spirits. I believe our minds and bodies are interconnected; therefore, ensuring your mental health is good is as important as securing your physical health is excellent. Through research and personal experience, I have compiled five tips on how to bring yourself up if you are feeling low.

  1. 1. Listen to music

    Popping in your favorite playlist or song can be the best way to take a couple of moments to re-center yourself and push your worries away. Depending on the music you choose, it may help you feel motivated to do your work or allow yourself transport to a happy time. Either way, it will help you get out of your head. Additionally, according to studies, music is beneficial in reducing depression, anxiety and helping improve mood as well as self-esteem. 

  2. 2. Surround yourself with people you love

    Often when we are feeling down, we tend to think we are alone. Therefore, surrounding yourself with people who make you happy is the perfect way to change your mood. The people you love are often the ones who know you best; they will give you a new perspective on your problem and reassure you that everything will be okay. It also allows you to vent your feelings to people you know will listen and people who will hype you up. 

  3. 3. Meditate

    When one is feeling down or upset, people have found that meditation is a perfect way to calm the body as well as the mind. Meditation helps you get out of your head and observe your thoughts without any judgment. It's a perfect way to take a step back and allow yourself to become more patient with yourself. You can meditate with a friend, or you can use various applications such as calm and headspace. 

  4. 4. Go outside

    Now that it is finally starting to be warm and sunny, going outside is a possibility! When you are feeling overwhelmed or upset, taking time to breathe allows you to feel as if the world is not so small — especially if it's sunny. Sunlight can help rejuvenate you to take on the day or feel happy.

  5. 5. Exercise

    Going for a light jog or playing a sport outside can immensely increase your spirits. This change in mood is due to an increase in the chemicals in your brain, making you feel more relaxed as well as give you a burst of energy. Exercise will provide you with some time to release all your stress and restart so that you can take on any tasks at hand. Additionally, it can make you feel accomplished knowing you were able to fit in time for yourself.

Finally, as college students, we are often so focused on grades and the pressure that comes with school that we forget to take care of ourselves and others. Therefore, taking time out of your day to make sure to lift yourself up will benefit you in the end. Just remember that mental health matters, and take care of yourself!